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OX Tools’ fantastic Nubuck zipper work boots are well suited for a wide range of environments, making them a great fit for any tradie. These high performance mid sole boots have a steel toe cap for onsite protection, as well as an SRC outsole that provides great slip resistance. These are easy to put on thanks to the side zippers, and the laces let you get the perfect fit. When you put on a pair of OX Nubucks, you’re wearing some of the best work boots around. We have these fantastic work boots for sale in sizes 6 to 13, so that you can get the perfect pair.

Zipper Work Boots for sale

Did you know that the SRC outsoles of these Nubuck zipper work boots are not just good at preventing you from slipping, but are also heat resistant? The outsole uses polyurethane (PU) with rubber density, giving it a resistance of up to 300 ° Celsius, so it is durable in the face of sweltering hot surfaces and environments. The removeable gel insole also features a polyurethane mould, which altogether provides added cushioning and comfort while keeping your foot secure. Because of this, your feet won’t get as sore on the job, and you can keep hard at work. In addition to all of this, there is a water resistant nylon mesh panel, which adds even more comfort, as well as more breathability. Most importantly, the panel provides moisture wicking, drawing away sweat so as to keep your feet cool throughout the day’s work.

These OX boots primarily use full grain cow leather in their construction, and as a result they’re very durable. They also feature an 8 gauge straight zip, making them easy to slip into and letting you get a tight and secure fit around the ankle. The eyelets – the holes that the laces loop through – are also heavy duty metal, giving the holes more endurance and avoiding fraying down the line. And if all that weren’t enough, the OX safety boots are fuel resistant, have an anti static design, and are also scuff resistant with the use of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).

Specs – OX Nubuck Zipper Work Boots


  • Mid-sole
  • Steel toe cap
  • Full grain cow leather (1.6 – 1.8mm)
  • SRC outsole provides slip and heat resistance
  • Removeable PU moulded gel Insole
  • Water resistant oxford nylon mesh panel
  • Anti–static
  • Fuel resistant
  • TPU anti–scuff protection
  • 8 gauge YKK straight zip for easy access and security
  • Heavy duty hexagonal metal eyelets to prevent hole fraying
  • Available in sizes 6–13

Item numbers

  • Size 6: OX-P483306
  • Size 7: OX-P483307
  • Size 8: OX-P483308
  • Size 9: OX-P483309
  • Size 10: OX-P483310
  • Size 11: OX-P483311
  • Size 12: OX-P483312
  • Size 13: OX-P483313


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6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13