Oregon Log Splitter – 28 Ton


Oregon 28 Ton Log Splitter with Honda GX270 engine

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If your cutting wood, this Oregon Log Splitter with Honda GX270 has the ability to make a once daunting task easier than ever.

Not everyone is fully aware of the health risks which come with chopping wood with an axe. It can do damage on your shoulders and back over time as well as a high incident rate of accidents.

But wood splitting has never been easy, as with a log splitter. No matter how good the manual tools, there will always be stubborn logs which seem impossible to cut through. But the Oregon 28 Ton Log Splitter with Honda GX270 is a top-rated machine which uses powerful hydraulics along side automatic operation.

There’s now a wide selection of petrol logsplitter tools for you to choose from. The right one will depend on how often you will be using the wood cutter, and what the wood splitter will be cutting through. It is no wonder that the Oregon 28 Ton Logsplitter with Honda GX270 engine is quickly becoming the most desired wood splitter on the market!

Operation has been made easy, all you’ll need to do is choose a shape and diameter before you start, and the wood splitter will do all of the hard work for you. Simply place the logs where they need to be, pull the lever, and watch as the intense pressure splits through the log almost seamlessly!

The Oregon Log Splitter with Honda GX270 features

The Oregon 28 Ton Logsplitter boasts a commercial-grade 28 ton structure.

This Oregon Log Splitter comes with a Honda  GX270 engine. With it’s impressive 8.5 horsepower, this log splitter and will be able to easily make its way through logs up to 24” in diameter. Another key feature is the fast cycle time of the machine. At 14 seconds per cycle, this means faster results. This has been proven time and time again in field testing.

Safety comes as a top priority thanks to the built-in and easy to operate log cradle. You will be able to keep your hands well away from the machine after you have pulled the lever.

Each component of the Oregon 28 Ton Log Splitter with Honda GX270 engine ensures that the wood splitter offers high end performance.

Specifications of this Oregon Logsplitter

– 28 Tonne

– 14 Second Cycle Time

– Honda GX270 Engine (270cc)

– 8 gal Hydraulic Capacity

– 24″ Wood Cutting Capacity

– Petrol and Hydraulic powered

– Item Number: 596280

Here’s a unofficial review we found on You Tube from a user of this wood splitter.

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