OX Barracuda Ultimate UCT Ceramics and Stone Diamond Blade – OX TOOLS


The Barracuda Ultimate UCT range of OX Tools diamond blades is great for cutting any and all times. OX’s Barracuda Blade line features a 10 mm continuous rim and 7 mm segment, and is best suited for surfaces and materials like porcelain, granite, marble, natural stone and ceramic tiles. We have nine different sizes of these high quality Diamond Saw Blades for sale, ranging from 4 to 14 inches.

OX Tools Barracuda Ultimate UCT Diamond Blades for sale

For use on ceramic tiles, natural stone, porcelain, granite, marble

  • 7mm segment
  • Cuts all tiles
  • Fine cut, continuous rim
  • S-detenso silencing
  • Reducing bushes provide for all common sizes
  • Thin cutting edge removes less material
  • S-slot cool cutting
  • Distinctive identity
  • Sizes from 4 to 14 inches
Will Cut
Ceramic Tiles√√√
Porcelain Tiles√√√
Natural Stone√√√

Choose from:

  • OX-UCT-4, 4″ Bore 16mm RPM-14500
  • OX-UCT-4.5, 4 ½” Bore 22.2/20mm RPM-13200
  • OX-UCT-5, 5″ Bore 22.2/20mm RPM-12000
  • OX-UCT-6, 6″ Bore 25.4/22.2mm RPM-10200
  • OX-UCT-7, 7″ Bore 25.4/22.2mm RPM-8500
  • OX-UCT-8, 8″ Bore 30/25.4mm RPM-7600
  • OX-UCT-9, 9″ Bore 30/25.4mm RPM-6600
  • OX-UCT-10, 10″ Bore 30/25.4mm RPM-6100
  • OX-UCT-14, 14″ Bore 30/25.4mm RPM-4300

OX-UCT-10, OX-UCT-14, OX-UCT-4, OX-UCT-4.5, OX-UCT-5, OX-UCT-6, OX-UCT-7, OX-UCT-8, OX-UCT-9