Philadelphia Brick Trowel 12″ Plastic Handle – Marshalltown


This 12″ Philadelphia bricklaying trowel from Marshalltown comes perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of flex to make your job the most comfortable that it can be. Plastic handles are preferred by many masons as they do not mushroom over time from use on bricks.

Philadelphia Brick Trowel 12 inch Plastic Handle – Marshalltown

So what is so great about this Marshalltown 12″ Philadelphia brick trowel? First thing to note is the quality. This is a premium trowel, forged from one piece of high grade carbon steel (there are no spot welds on the shank). This is important for professional brickies use as spot welding is just not as strong, and the blade is more likely to snap off the shank.

Detailed Specifications:

– 12″ Bricklaying Trowel

– Philadelphia Style

– Forged from a single piece of high grade carbon tool steel

– Heat treated blade for additional strength

– High quality carbon steel

– Handle rise is set for the correct hang and balance

– Flexibility from the tapered ground blade

– Durable Plastic Handle

– Model numbers: 11520 MT19P12XH