Pointed Finishing Trowel – OX Tools


These professional quality Pointed Finishing Trowels from OX Tools have a pointed edge that makes it easier than ever to get into small corners while finishing concrete. OX’s Flooring Trowels also feature a blade constructed from high grade stainless steel, a shank of heavy duty aluminium, and a fantastic OXGrip handle that is double hung. Not only that, these floor trowels from OX are held together with powerful stainless steel rivets, securing the blade, shank and handle and making sure you have a very strong tool to last a long time.

OX Tools Pointed Finishing Trowels for sale

  • High grade stainless steel blade
  • Heavy duty aluminium shank
  • ‘Double hung’ Duragrip handle
  • Stainless steel rivets holds the blade, shank and handle together with unsurpassed strength
  • Point end makes it easy to get into corners
  • OX-P014609 4 x 14″ available for order on request

Choose from:

  • OX-P014691, 4½ x 16″ / 115 x 405mm
  • OX-P014692, 4½ x 17¾” / 115 x 450mm

Also known as Flooring Trowels or Floor Trowels

Product Type

OX-P014691, OX-P014692