Pointed Trowels – MasterFinish


These high quality pointed trowels from MasterFinish are great for trowelling concrete floors, in addition to similar surfaces and workspaces. The curved blade end of Masterfinish’s Pointed Trowels allows for reduced blade end marking, and the pointed end makes it easy to get into and work within corners. Not only that, these Australian made floor trowels have a moulded plastic handle, which is designed for your comfort and an easy grip.

Masterfinish Pointed Trowels for sale in Canberra

Proudly made in Australia

Choose from:

  • MF101A 120×365, Gauge: Light
  • MF103A 120×365, Gauge: Heavy
  • MF109A 100×355, Gauge: Light
  • MF161A 120×660, Gauge: Heavy, Tapered width
  • MF165A 115×600, Gauge: Light
  • MF191A 115×405, Gauge: Light
  • MF192A 115×450, Gauge: Light
  • MF193A 115×500, Gauge: Light

Also known as Flooring Trowel, Floor Trowels

Product Type

MF101A, MF103A, MF109A, MF161A, MF165A, MF191A, MF192A, MF193A