Poly Jointer – Technique Solutions


The Technique Tools Poly Jointers will create the perfect mortar joints for any bricklayer! These brick jointers have different sizes on either end for more options when working, as well as pointed edges so you can get into small corners. With these Australian-made jointers, you’re sure to get great results in your mortaring, and no burn marks!

Technique Solutions Poly Jointers for sale in Canberra

Create the perfect mortar joint with these professional Technique Tools bricklaying jointers.

  • Dual-length edges: 10mm and 13mm
  • Edges are pointed for corner mortaring
  • Prevents stains on mortar
  • Choose from Long (550mm) or Short (300mm) models.
  • Proudly Australian-made

Item Number: 3760 (Short), 3770 (Long)



Long, Short