Moss Brick Barrow – Premier Wheelbarrow

This heavy duty Moss Brick Wheelbarrow is built to last with its solid steel leg assembly, heavier gauge tray, and block patterned tyre. It’s also well-balanced and has a solid feel transfer from your hands to the ground. You can expect this feel to last 5-10 years with everyday use around a building site.

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Moss Brick Barrow – Premier Wheelbarrow

– 4 ft3 barrow trays which have a deep fabricated large base area. This ensures maximum stability when carrying heavy loads due to a low centre of gravity.

– Hardwood timber handles are coated with enamel paint.

– They feature a rolled edge and heavy gauge trays which are further supported by a 1.6mm coated reinforced base plate.

– Steel wheel centre with 1 inch axle, ball bearings, grease nipple and pneumatic, 4-ply block pattern tyre.

Australian Made and Owned, the most trusted and famous barrow in the industry.

Carrying capacity: 4 ft3 (110 litres) wet, or 6 ft3 (160 litres) dry.

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