Pro Concrete Block Silent Diamond Blades – UNITEC


UNITEC’s high quality Concrete Block Silent Diamond Blades are laser welded for a faster cut and longer lifespan, making them an excellent long term investment for your construction needs. These saw blades are best suited for concrete blocks and pavers. We have two sizes of these premium silent diamond saw blades for sale, and we can do special orders if you’re looking for a different size!

UNITEC Pro Concrete Block Silent Diamond Blades in Canberra

For use on Concrete Blocks or Concrete Pavers. Not recommended for cutting Clay Bricks or Pavers

  • Premium Diamond Blade
  • Laser Welded
  • Silent noise reduction technology
  • Sizes from 14 to 20 inches.

We do special orders, contact us if the size you need is not listed:

U-14L10ECBS,14″ 350mm Bore 25.4mm RPM-4300
U-16L10ECBS, 16″ 400mm Bore 25.4mm RPM-3800


U-14L10ECBS, U-16L10ECBS