RL-H5A Laser Level with LS-100D Receiver – Topcon

Topcon’s high quality RL-H5A Auto Level is designed to give you the best levels and readings possible. This auto level self corrects on the job if it is disturbed or jostled, making sure you keep getting accurate readings. The Topcon laser level is also weatherproofed, so it can withstand not just dust, but rainfall and showers as well!

This RL H5A laser level for sale also comes with an LS-100D Level Receiver, a handy laser sensor that makes it easier to get precise vertical alignment and elevation with your high quality laser level.

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Topcon RLH5A Auto Laser Level in Canberra

With this combination of the Topcon Laser Level and Level Receiver, it’s never been easier to get perfect levels for any job.

Specifications of the Topcon Laser Level for sale

RL-H5A Auto Level

  • High horizontal accuracy
  • Manual slope capability that is intuitive
  • Automatic self-levelling
  • Long range up to 800m
  • 100 hour battery life
  • 60 hour life of constant use with rechargeable pack
  • Tough IP66 weatherproof rating

LS-100D Receiver

  • 4 accuracy resolutions to suit job, min. +/- .5 mm, max. +/- 10 mm
  • Extra wide beam capture for higher range of use
  • Magnets built in for use with metal structures
  • Lock display to read results by simply holding button

Item number: 1021200-11

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Also known as: Rotary Laser