Rover Mini Rider

Rover Mini Rider 382-30

RRP: $3299

You’ll be pleased by the size of the Rover Mini Rider. It may not be one of Rover’s biggest or most powerful machines. But it will not compromise on achieving the perfect cut each and every time.

The Rover Mini Rider is a 6 Speed, small ride on mower that will make covering the same ground to get a perfectly level finish will be a thing of the past.

If you’re used to using a push along lawnmower, you’ll quickly see why so many homeowners and gardeners buy a mini ride on mower. Perfect for rural residential settings, parks and schools, small enough to store, and affordable to buy.

Even though this is one of Rover’s small ride on mowers, you’ll still get many of the same features as the top-end models. But the clear advantage with the Rover Mini ride on lawn mower is it’s reliability,  5 year warranty and compact size.

Rover Mini Rider Features

The Rover Mini is a 30″ rider, perfect for medium areas of ground. You’ll often run into hard to reach places but the Rover Mini Rider is great at manoeuvring tight spaces.

Powering the Rover Mini Rider is the 382cc Rover engine. This comes with a 5 year guarantee for domestic use – that’s much longer than your standard guarantee.

To ensure you get the right speed and a comfortable and easy operation, there are six different speeds to choose from. Depending on the thickness and length of your grass, you can choose the best speed to get that perfect cut.

The Rover Mini lawn mower consistently receives 5 star reviews for the usability. The unique selling point for the Rover Mini lawnmower is how easy it is to get from A to B. You don’t have to worry about not being able to  not being able to squeeze through standard gates unlike larger ride on mowers

Thanks to the usability of the transmissions on Rover’s range of ride on mowers, you’ll be able to easily operate the lawn mower, even if you are covering ground which is a little uneven.

Specifications of the Rover Mini Ride-on Lawnmower

– 382cc Rover OHV Engine

– 6 Speed, Manual

– RMC reverse

– 30″ Ride on Mower Side Discharge Deck (76cm)

– 4.9 Litre Fuel Tank

– 5 Year Domestic Warranty, 90 Day Commercial Warranty

– Optional Extras for Sale: Mulch Kit, Catcher

– Item Number: 13A726JD333

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