Rover, 46″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Looking for a hardy, reliable ride on lawn mower which will stand the test of time and give you the perfect cut each and every time?

Look no further than the Rover 46″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower Tractor which is one of the most highly rated ride on lawn mowers amongst professionals in Australia.

RRP: $7099

Rover RZT S 46 Zero Turn Rider Mower

Rover understands that making a significant investment in ride on lawn mowers is never an easy choice. However, to give you peace of mind they make sure that each of their models in their range comes with a 5-year domestic guarantee.

Within Rover’s range you’ll find plenty of options when it comes to deck sizes, engine powers, and transmissions. Yet, every model comes with four-wheel steering and the ultimate manoeuvrability. You may think that ride on lawn mowers may struggle when it comes to rough, uneven, and sloped ground, but not the Rover 46″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower Tractor. You’ll always be in complete control even with slopes which reach up to 20 degree angles.

Even with such a powerful and robust ride on lawn mower you’ll be able to get the exact cut that you were looking for.

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Rover 46″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower Tractor for Sale Features and Specs

The size of the Rover 46″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower Tractor makes it perfect for small to medium areas of ground. You’ll be able to move around tight corners thanks to the reliable and smooth ride which has become expected from Rover’s product line.

There’s no other medium size ride on lawn mower which will require you to get the handheld strimmer out.

Powering the Rover 46″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower Tractor is the 20 horsepower Kohler V-twin engine which is just as durable as it is reliable.

Operating the Rover 46″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower Tractor is also incredibly comfortable after the manoeuvrability has been optimised.

Yet the most impressive feature which the ride on lawn mower boasts is the zero turn capacity which gives you an incredibly smooth ride. Reducing wasting time when it comes to tricky manoeuvres and turns as you work.

The Rover 46″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower Tractor is designed to work in all Australian weather! Come rain or shine you will soon come to love the nifty innovative features included on this remarkable model.

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