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The Husqvarna S26 Dust collector vacuum is a powerful dust separator suitable for fine dust in construction and commercial applications. It will safely handle building, grinding, plaster and concrete dust which is often a health and safety hazard on job sites.

This industrial construction vacuum cleaner that can be used as:

– a standard wet and dry vacuum for safely cleaning up a wide range of building materials and debris

– as an attachment to Husqvarna PG 280 and PG 450 grinding machine and the Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150 early entry saw. It is also compatible with small scarifiers, shot blasters, and handheld power tools.

Husqvarna vacuums are considered top of their class for their powerful filter system and reliability.

The Husqvarna S26 concrete dust three stage filtration system

Inhaling freshly cut concrete dust can put you and your employees at risk to generating lead to lung disease. Both short term and long term exposure to concrete dust can put you and your workers at risk. The Husqvarna S26 concrete dust vacuum cleaner is equipped with a tested and certified HEPA H26 filter to trap prevent small and dangerous particles from being released back into the air.

The Husqvarna S 26 concrete vacuum cleaner is a quiet-operating single-phase High Efficiency Particulate Air-Filter (HEPA) dust collector. It is designed to trap the smallest and most dangerous dust particles and prevent them from being released in the air. It has three separate filtering stages which saves time as since you will get longer working time between filter cleaning. The three filtration stages are:

  1. Cyclone Chamber: The dust is filtered through a cyclone chamber seperator, which separate the heaviest parts, up to 95% of the dust,
  2. Conical Main Filter: This filter is washable. The Jet Pulse filter cleaning system ensures high continuous airflow thanks to easy and efficient cleaning of the conical main filter without opening the machine. It also reduces ‘time-out’ of the machine, and cleaning of the machine without creating a dust hazard.
  3. Equipped with two tested and certified HEPA H13 filters: These are individually tested and certified to capture 99.99% of the remaining silivia dust in the respirable fraction (0.3µm).

With such effective filtration, you can relax knowing that your construction dust vacuum cleaner is only exhausting perfectly clean air.

The Longopac® dust confinement system

Dust and debris is collected in a Longopac bag. This is a 20 m plastic bag that can be separated into approximately 25 individual sealed bags. Alternatively, a 40L disposable poly bag can be used for safe collection.

Once the Longopac bag has been filled to the capacity as allowed by the machine, the Longopac bag is then then pulled down and sealed with two twist ties provided. Cutting in between the two twist ties results in a self contained package with all the material sealed inside for safe and easy disposal. This ensures that you and your employees are safe from any construction dust even when disposing of materials.


Specifications of the S26 HEPA Concrete Dust Extractor

Other features include non-marking puncture free wheels, with two caster wheels which lock at the front.

– Efficient filtration system- highest HEPA saftey

– Easy and efficient filter cleaning

– Durable design

– Easy to transport

– Single Phase

– Suction capacity: 400 m³/h

– Rated input power: 2,4 kW

– Longopac bag hose system ensures simple, dust-free bag changes.

– 45kg

– Power: 2 x 1260 Watt motors

– Air Pulse Cleaning

– Easy to read airflow monitoring

– Single Phase

– The S26 HEPA Concrete Vacuum connects to the Husqvarna PG 280 and PG 450 grinding machine and the Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150 early entry saw. It is also compatible with small scarifiers, shot blasters, and handheld power tools.

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