Safety Helmet Kit


Looking to ensure your head, face and ears are all protected? This amazing safety helmet kit is the perfect way to take care of everything at once, and get cracking. With a high quality helmet, cushioned ear muffs and a high ventilation visor, you can count on your safety in the workplace. Get yourself this handy all in one package and protect yourself today.

Safety Helmet, Visor and Earmuffs

This safety helmet kit gives you all the tools you need to protect your head onsite. The helmet included in this kit gives you a comfortable fit and experience without compromising on quality. This safety helmet uses high density polyethylene in its build, which means it is relatively lightweight, will resist a good amount of impact, and is sure to last through thick and thin. A 6 point padded suspension keeps the helmet well positioned and comfortable on your head. It also has a ratchet tightening system so that you can adjust the safety helmet to get a snug fit that best suits you.

This kit’s ear muffs are excellent hearing protectors which reduce sounds by around 26 dB. Because of this, you have added resistance to loud noises like chainsaws or construction equipment. This way, you can work in peace, and avoid long term hearing damage from extended exposure to loud sounds.

When wearing a visor, you might sometimes find that the solid panel stops you from getting enough ventilation and airflow. But as a result of this kit’s steel mesh visor, you can stay refreshed and experience improved air circulation. Not only that, this visor deflects heat, protecting you from hot objects and surfaces if you’re working in high temperature situations. Additionally, the low glare design means that bright spots and sources – whether it’s bright lights in the workplace, a tool like a welding torch, or the glaring sun overhead – won’t bother you as much, so you can keep working efficiently.

Safety Helmet Kit – Specifications

  • Included: Helmet, visor, earmuffs
  • Helmet: 6 point suspension, ratchet tightening for the perfect fit
  • Earmuffs: 26 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating)
  • Visor: Steel mesh, heat deflecting, low glare
  • Tested to meet CE and ANSI Safety Standards.

Item number: JM100


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