SDS Plus Zentro 4 Cut Masonry Drill Bits – Alpha


The Alpha SDS Plus Zentro 4 Cut Masonry Drill Bits will give you precise holes when drilling masonry, reinforced steel, and concrete. These SDS bits feature a single piece carbide tip and a strengthened flute core, which mean less vibration while drilling and more resistance to fractures. The secondary cutters also protect this masonry bit if reinforcement collision occurs, preserving the high quality of your SDS Plus Zentro drill bits. We have a huge selection of sizes for these SDS Plus drill bits, so whether you need a long or a short bit we have something for you!

SDS Plus Zentro 4 Cut Masonry Drill Bit – Alpha

  • SDS Plus design means these bits are ideal for lighter jobs and smaller holes compared to SDS MAX bits
  • Dynamic drilling ability with secondary cutters protecting the SDS masonry drill bit in the event of reinforcement collision
  • The one-piece, solid carbide tip and patented reinforcing chamfering ensure low vibration and optimum drilling performance when drilling into reinforcing steel
  • As a result of optimum 4 x 90° symmetry, all four carbide cutting edges function evenly and do not seize up on hitting reinforcing steel
  • Lateral support and maximum possible area of the interface between the carbide and steel body compensate for torsional forces
  • Centring tip for straight forward spot drilling with pinpoint accuracy
  • Four symmetrically functioning spiral ridges ensure low, uniform flute wear
  • Optimised flute core strength ensures low vibration drilling performance and exceptional fracture resistance
  • The high-volume flute geometry ensures the optimum removal of drilling dust
  • 4 Cutter head prevents seizing when drilling through reinforcing steel
  • Penetrates through steel deck plate eg Bondek® and concrete in one easy process
  • We have a variety of sizes. Whether you need a short masonry drill bit or a long masonry drill bit

Masonry Drill Bit Sizes

Contact us if you need a size not listed below:

  • SPZ050110 (5.0 x 110mm)
  • SPZ050160 (5.0 x 160mm)
  • SPZ055110 (5.5 x 110mm)
  • SPZ055160 (5.5 x 160mm)
  • SPZ060110 (6.0 x 110mm)
  • SPZ060160 (6.0 x 160mm)
  • SPZ065160 (6.5 x 160mm)
  • SPZ065210 (6.5 x 210mm)
  • SPZ080160 (8.0 x 160mm)
  • SPZ080210 (8.0 x 210mm)
  • SPZ100160 (10.0 x 160mm)
  • SPZ100210 (10.0 x 210mm)
  • SPZ120160 (12.0 x 160mm)
  • SPZ120210 (12.0 x 210mm)
  • SPZ140260 (14.0 x 260mm)
  • SPZ160450 (16.0 x 450mm)
  • SPZ180250 (18.0 x 250mm)
  • SPZ200250 (20.0 x 250mm)
  • SPZ200450 (20.0 x 450mm)
  • SPZ220250 (22.0 x 250mm)
  • SPZ220450 (22.0 x 450mm)
  • SPZ240250 (24.0 x 250mm)
  • SPZ240450 (24.0 x 450mm)

Also known as: SDS Drill Bits, SDS Plus Bits, SDS Hammer Drill Bits

Product Type

SPZ050110, SPZ050160, SPZ055110, SPZ055160, SPZ060110, SPZ060160, SPZ065160, SPZ065210, SPZ080160, SPZ080210, SPZ100160, SPZ100210, SPZ120160, SPZ120210, SPZ140260, SPZ160260, SPZ160450, SPZ180250, SPZ200250, SPZ200450, SPZ220250, SPZ220450, SPZ240250, SPZ240450