7″ Round Tip Gauging Trowel 7″ – Ancora Pavan


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7″ Round Tip Gauging Trowel – Ancora Pavan

Designed with comfort in mind, this 7 inch round tip gauging / pointing trowel has as soft molded sintesi grip.  It has a hard wearing stainless steel blade, and is imported from Italy. Ancora trowels are leading Italian tool manufacturer making quality long lasting trowels for over 140 years.

Gauging trowels are commonly used in plastering for mixing or “gauging” small quantities of plaster or mortar. The round tip is used to scoop the plaster or mortar from the bucket and applying it to the wall or concrete.

Uses of a Gauging Trowel

Gauging trowels are particularly useful for the application of small amounts of:

– plaster to walls or other surface

– patching crumbling mortar

– repairing concrete

– quick-setting thin set, mortar, or drywall compound.

Specifications of the 7″ Round Tip Trowel by Pavan

– 7″ (inch)

– Stainless steel blade

– Molded Sintesi handle

– Italian Made

– Item Number: ART963-178-7, PE2803906

Also known as: Bricklaying, Brickies, Brick, Stonemasons, Stonemasonry Trowels, Plaster trowel


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