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These tracked mini loaders from Dingo are ideal for hard or tenacious ground. They are also compact and easy to operate, making them ideal for novice operators. Rubber tracks make them easy to maneuver, and they can turn on a dime. With 3 different models to select from, you’re sure to find the tracked mini-digger that’s perfect for your needs.

SM325-24T: $36,169

SM325-27T: $49,849

SM440-31T: $61,343

Dingo Tracked Skid Steer Mini Loaders for sale in Canberra

Tracked mini loaders are a type of earth-moving equipment that is perfect for small or tight spaces. They are ideal for working in residential areas or on construction sites with limited space. Tracked mini loaders are available with rubber tracks, which give you the ability to move over soft ground and surfaces without damaging them.

Skid steer loaders are another type of earth-moving equipment that is very versatile. They can be used for various tasks such as material handling, demolition, landscaping, and more.

Wacker Neuson SM325-24T from Dingo

The SM325 24T from Dingo is an Australia-built, EFI petrol engine-powered platform that is perfect for worksites, owner-operators, and DIY’ers. The fuel efficiency of the Kohler engine ensures lower running costs.

This Wacker Neuson mini loader’s innovative hydraulic design is complemented by Kohler EFI for the ideal match of power, pressure, and longevity for every application. The SM325-24T has the most durable chassis available, putting the weight where you need it.

This Dingo SM 325-24T is a versatile loader that can operate in grass, sand, or mud. Achieve more with the greatest and most powerful lift for its weight class. Our tried-and-true bushing technology eliminates steel on steel wear, resulting in no grease, so there’s no mess and less maintenance!

All About the Wacker Neuson SM325-27T

The SM325-27T is a Dingo Australia-designed and -built Yanmar diesel engine–powered platform that’s ideal for worksites, owner-operators, and DIY’ers. The fuel efficiency of the Yanmar makes it an excellent cost saver while on the road.

This Wacker Neuson tracked mini loader is a versatile loader that work in grass, sand, and muddy conditions. Our proven bushing system is grease-free, resulting in less maintenance and greater machine life!

The skid-steer SM325-27T boasts the industry’s most sturdy chassis, which lowers the weight to the track where you need it. The lower centre of gravity allows for greater traction and 30% more pull and push strength than competitors.

Protected by our touch powder-coated finish, the SM325-27T will stand up against the harshest of conditions. Dingo offers a five year/5000hr warranty on the SM325-27T.

Dingo SM440-31T for sale

The SM440-31T has the industry’s most robust chassis, allowing it to distribute weight to the track where you need it. The lower centre of gravity provides superior traction and can trench up to 30% more pull and push power than its predecessors.

With the finest and highest lift for its weight class, you’ll be able to go further. Our tried-and-true bushing technology has no steel on steel wear, which means no grease or mess and longer engine life! The SM440-31T is protected by a tough powder-coated finish, which will endure any environment.

Specifications for Dingo Tracked Mini-Diggers


(Max Operating






2650 mm989kgTrackedPetrolPetrol EFI


2,080 mm1093kgTrackedDiesel3TNV76


2,080 mm1,080 kgTrackedDieselLiquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine


Dingo Tracked Mini Digger – Accessories

If you want to get the most out of your tracked digger, we’ve got you covered! In addition to the Dingo mini loader itself, we also sell accessories and attachments that let you specialise your machine. With one of these attachments, you can repurpose your Dingo loader to excel at a specific job. You can interchange these attachments depending on the task at hand. Because of this, you can get anything done on site, and be as versatile as you need! Here are some of our digger attachments for sale:

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