Soff Cut Early Entry Diamond Blade – Husqvarna


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Soff Cut Early Entry Diamond Blade – Husqvarna

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut® is a system developed for extremely early cutting of contraction joints after pouring concrete slabs. It’s the best way to reduce the risk of random cracking, which is one of the most costly and annoying problems faced by a concrete contractor.

With the early entry saw, you can pour the slab and cut the same day. With the power of these diamond blades, the straight, shallow cuts will produce a great looking result.

A closer look at early entry cutting

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut® system lets you cut while the concrete is green. That is putting in your control joints during the first two hours after finishing and before final set. This is also known as cutting the control joints during the concretes “green zone”.

Once the concrete begins to set, internal stress builds up – causing the concrete to crack.

The green zone is the best time to cut your control joint, it provides a relief point before the stresses within the setting concrete have a chance to form a random crack. Cutting in the green zone also allows a shallower cut, resulting in a strong slab overall, and minimises the amount of joint filler required.

To make cutting in the green zone easy, the Husqvarna Soff-Cut® saws have a blade block and an anti-ravel skid plate. The skid plate easily attaches to the two spring-loaded pistons at the bottom of the blade block. The spring-loaded pistons allow the skid plate to maintain the ideal pressure on the concrete slab, ensuring the highest quality cut.

Choose from:

XL6-1000 Diamond Blade: Same Day Cutting (Purple)

XL6-3000 Diamond Blade: Next Day Cutting (Red)

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XL6-1000, XL6-3000