Square Trowels – MasterFinish


Master Finish Tools’ Square Trowels are ideal for patching and repairs when you need to smoothen or texture the surface of any concrete, plaster or mortar. These high quality steel square trowels are best suited for areas where pointed end trowels aren’t suitable or won’t work, like kerb and gutter.

Masterfinish Square Trowels in Canberra

Choose from:

  • MF102A, 280 x 120mm, Gauge: Light
  • MF162A, 280 x 120mm, Gauge: Heavy
  • MF181A, 115 x 405mm, Gauge: Light
  • MFPP73, 365 x 120mm, Gauge: Light
  • MF350S,150 350 x 150mm, Gauge: Light
  • MF400S,150 400 x 150mm, Gauge: Light
  • MF450S,120 450 x 120mm, Gauge: Light
  • MF500S,120 500 x 120mm, Gauge: Light
  • MF600S,120 600 x 120mm, Gauge: Light
Product Type

MF102A, MF162A, MF181A, MF350S, MF400S, MF450S, MF500S, MF600S, MFPP73