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This steel wire foundry brush is a versatile wire finishing brush with a wooden handle.

A wire masonry brush is a favorite scratching brush among stonemasons for finishing joint work. Use after pointing to scratch out the joints and reveal lines of stonework. With hard-wearing steel bristles, this wire finishing brush removes excess mortar with ease revealing the joints.

This wire brush also cleans up the stonework during the brush finish as it moves over the surface.

Not only can you buy this steel wire brush singularly, you can also buy 5, or you can buy 11 for the price of 10.

Steel Wire Brush – Masonry Foundry Brush

This steel wire foundry brush has hard-wearing bristles for a highly-performing cutting action. It is ideal for work on steel, ironwork, and masonry pieces.

This Wire Brush is also ideal for:

– Steel and ironwork

– Removal of paint, welds, rust and scale, burrs and adhesives

– Ideal for the removal of built-up contaminants and residues.

Dimensions:  W 200 x D 65 x H60 mm

Brand: Paragon®

Buy either singularly

OR buy 5 

OR buy 10 and get 11 

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