Superior MPS Turbo Multi-purpose Diamond Blades – OX TOOLS


The Superior MPS Turbo Multi Purpose range of OX Tools Diamond Blades are excellent choices for all building materials and masonry construction products, plus metal! They give a great fast cut on all hard & universal materials, so they have plenty of versatility when it comes to what you can cut with these quality blades! We have a wide range of OX Tools Multipurpose Diamond Blades for sale, so you can pick the blade that’s just right for you.

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Superior MPS Turbo Multi-purpose Diamond Blade – OX TOOLS

For use on: Granite, natural stone, clay products, engineering bricks, metal, concrete products, all building materials.

  • Guaranteed to cut all masonry construction products including metal.
  • Excellent fast cut on universal & hard materials. Reinforced flange.
  • Cooling holes
  • Semi-transparent
  • Wear will increase on abrasive materials
  • 12mm segment height
  • Sizes from 4 to 10 inches
Will Cut Most Suitable
Aerated Concrete /  Hebel Block
Basalt (Bluestone) √√√
Bricks Calsil (Sand Lime / Calcium Silicate) √√√
Bricks Clay – Including Hard Pavers √√√
Concrete Block Besser Block
Concrete Paver, Brick √√√
Concrete Hard (Unabrasive) √√
Concrete Roof Tile
Flint Aggregate Reinforced Concrete √√
Granite √√√
Hard Indian Stone √√√
Limestone √√
Slate √√√
Steel / RSJ Steel Beams / Sheet Metal √√
Terracotta √√√
Yorkstone √√√

Choose from:
OX-04MPS 4″ Bore 16mm RPM-14500
OX-045MPS 4.5″ Bore 22.2/20mm RPM-13200
OX-05MPS 5″ Bore 22.2/20mm RPM-12000
OX-06MPS 6″ Bore 25.4/20mm RPM-10200
OX-07MPS 7″ Bore 25.4/22.2mm RPM-8500
OX-08MPS 8″ Bore 30/25.4mm RPM-7600
OX-09MPS 9″ Bore 25.4/22.2mm RPM-6600
OX-10MPS 10″ Bore 25.4/20mm RPM-6100
OX-14MPS 14″ Bore 25.4/20mm RPM-5400

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