Tacti-Cut S50+ Diamond Blade – Husqvarna


The Tacti-Cut S50+ Diamond Blade Grade is an affordable diamond blade. It’s designed for high-speed work with a variety of universal construction materials, and is also able to fit onto different machine types.

Tacti-Cut S50+ Diamond Blade – Husqvarna

Graded by Husqvarna as part of their BRONZE grade, this is the lowest quality tier of the Husqvarna range. It is an affordable option for tradesmen whose work doesn’t require a premium blade.

Best for cutting: Cure Concrete hard, Cured Concrete Medium, Cured Concrete Soft, Cured Concrete Abrasive

Good for cutting: Reinforced Concrete, Brick, Roof Tile, Ductile Iron

Acceptable for cutting: Granite, Marble, Natural Stone

Wet or Dry Cut

Ideal for Power Cutters and Floor Saws



350mm (14 Inch), 400mm (16 Inch)