Telescopic Handle 1076 – MasterFinish


This handy Telescopic Handle from MasterFinish is widely used for finishing or floating work, as it lets you do the work while standing away from concrete slabs. The Masterfinish telescopic handle attaches to tools like walking trowels, groovers and edgers, and features a locking mechanism to secure the length you need.

Telescopic Handle 1076 – MasterFinish

  • Extends from 2.75 m to 5 m
  • Includes a removable clip on steel tube adaptor, allowing you to:
    • Unclip the handle to fit it to another tool, or
    • Store or clean the handle
  • If you want to buy additional adaptor tubes, or get a replacement, we have Masterfinish Clip On Steel Tube Adaptors for sale!

Made in Australia

WARNING – When using telescopic handles and long length of clip together handle, near to electric wires or other high voltage installations, take care to avoid contacting live wires as such contact may be lethal.