Telescopic Handle 1076 – MasterFinish


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Telescopic Handle 1076 – MasterFinish

  • •Extends from 2.75 m to 5 m.
  • Widely used for many floating and finishing jobs enabling the work to be achieved from a standing position, external from the concrete slab.
  • The inside tube is grooved. A pin penetrates this groove. This allows the twisting action the operator applies to the handle to be transferred to the floor. The handle length is locked by lightly twisting the collet nut.
  • These handles also feature a removable clip on steel tube adaptor (part No. 1076E). This allows the operator to unclip the handle from the tool for cleaning, storage or to fit to another tool. Additional adaptor tubes 1076E may be purchased for this purpose.

Made in Australia

WARNING – When using telescopic handles and long length of clip together handle, near to electric wires or other high voltage installations, care should be taken to avoid contacting live wires as such contact may be lethal.


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