Hoppt 40″ Trowel Machine

Hoppt 40″ Trowel Machine

The TOL100GB Hoppt 40″ Trowel Machine is the most versatile power trowel with the heavy-duty gearbox that allow for high-speed finishing at 150rpm. It will handle majority of the finishing requirements and it incorporate the latest improvements, with better balance and control as well as improved serviceability.


– Engine Options:

Honda GX160 at 3.6kW (4.8hp), 4-Stroke Petrol: $2475

Honda GX270 @ 6.3kW (8.5hp), 4-Stroke Petrol: $2960

– Ring Diameter: 1000 mm

– Weight: 83 kg

– Blade Operating Speed: 50-150 rpm

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Also known as Concrete Whirlybirds – Power Trowels – Helicopter Trowel – Heli Trowel – Power Floats – Walk Behind Power Trowel Machines – Concrete Levelling Machine