Hoppt 46″ Trowel Machine

Hoppt 46″ Trowel Machine

The TOL120G Hoppt 46″ Trowel Machine is the largest of its class among the entire power trowel series. This is the perfect trowel if there is a requirement to finish a slab rapidly under any condition. The new anti-vibration handle will increase operator comfort as well as ease of control to produce the best concrete finishing in any conditions.


– Engine Options:

Honda GX270 @ 6.3kW (8.5hp), 4-Stroke Petrol: $3095

Honda GX390 @ 8.7kW (11.7hp), Air-cooled 4-stroke: $3495

– Weight: 77 kg

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Also known as Whirlybirds – Power Trowels – Helicopter Trowel – Heli Trowel- Power Floats – Walk Behind Power Trowel Machines – Concrete Leveling Machine