Hoppt 30″ Trowel Machine

Hoppt 30″ Trowel Machine

RRP $2035

The TOL75G Hoppt 30″ Trowel Machine is designed to used for long periods with improved features such as vibration reduction handle and easy to access controls makes the TOL75G a perfect equipment at any site.


– Engine: Robin EX17 at 6.0kW (4.2hp) (4-Stroke Gasoline), or Honda GX160 at 5.5kW (4.0hp) (4-Stroke Gasoline)

– Ring Diameter: 750 mm

– Weight: 64 kg

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Also known as Concrete Whirlybirds – Power Trowels – Helicopter Trowel – Heli Trowel – Power Floats – Walk Behind Power Trowel Machines – Concrete Levelling Machines