Top T-Slider for the Straight Sliding Top Steady Profile Clamp


BT Engineering’s Top Clamp T Slider makes it easier than ever to adjust the dimensions of your Top Steady Straight Sliding Profile Clamp. This replacement part slides along the bar of your Straight Slider Clamp, which lets you adjust the overall length of the clamp. This means that you can get exactly the length you need for the job at hand, and get a more versatile range of profiles. Like many BT Engineering tools, this T Bracket is zinc plated so it will resist corrosion and keep its high quality build for longer.

T Slider for the BT Engineering Straight Sliding Top Steady Profile Clamp

This is the T-Bracket which fits onto the Top Profile Clamp (Straight Sliding)

  • Designed for 25mm Straight Tube
  • Slides across bar to adjust length of clamp
  • Gets precise lengths for versatile profiles
  • Zinc plating to protect the T Slider from corrosion
  • Proudly made in Australia

Item Number: TOP25T

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