Internal Top Steady Profile Clamp – BT Engineering


BT Engineering’s Internal Top Steady Profile Clamp is a simple tool for bricklayers, making it faster to set up profiles so you can just get on with building the wall. While other Top Steady Profile Clamps from the BT Engineering range have Nail-On attachments for fixing the clamp onto the frame, the Internal Top Steady Profile Clamps have G-Brackets instead, making it ideal for internal frames where driving nails in is not an option. This Brick Clamp can be quickly fixed to the building frame to get the profile set up.

BT Engineering – Internal Top Steady Profile Clamp in Canberra

With the Internal Top Steady Profile Clamp you can just clamp it onto the building frame, insert and plumb up your profile. It really is that simple.

It turns it into a quick ‘one man’ job.


For jobs where nailing the clamp on is not an option, the Internal Top Steady Profile Clamp is the solution thanks to it using G brackets attachments instead of the Nail-On attachments.

The beauty of Top Clamps is that they are adjustable making them something you can use across a range of different jobs.

To suit whatever building frame you are working to, all you need to do is slide G-Clamp attachments along the tube to the right position.

As the angle of the clamp is already a precise 90 degree angle, you don’t have to waste time mucking about setting the angles. As long as you set the clamp up level onto the frame, your profile will be perfectly positioned once plumbed up.

Want to change which side of the bar you put the profile? Just flip the G-bracket attachments around to get the best position for the job.

How much time could an Internal Top Steady Profile Full Brick Clamp save you each time you set up a profile?

What is this time worth in your day?


– Item Number: BT TOPI

– Includes 90 degree Top Clamp L-Bracket (TOPL), two Top Clamp Internal G-Bracket (TOPGI) and one Top Clamp G-Clamp (19mm) (TOPG).

– 19mm tube.

– Length: 750

– Width: 290

– Zinc plated to prevent corrosion

– Made in Australia

A much loved tool by brickies all around Australia with a great range of names that they go by. These clamps are also known as Bricklaying Elbows Clamps, L Clamps, L Brackets, Bricklayer’s Hockey Sticks, Profile Arms, and Over-Head Clamps.

You can also get the following related parts for purchase individually:

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