Top L Tube for Top Profile Clamp – BT Engineering


The Top Clamp L Tubes from BT Engineering can be used for not just the Internal Top Steady Profile Clamp, but the Top Steady Veneer Profile Clamp as well! These replacement parts for BT Top Steady Profile Clamps will make sure you can get back to confidently setting profiles with their precise 90 degree angles. You can also attach G Brackets or Nail On attachments to this tube to best suit whichever building profile you’re working on.

BT Engineering Top Profile Clamp – Top L Tubes in Canberra

  • Two different available sizes, 20mm and 25mm
  • Replacement parts for Top Steady Profile Clamps (Internal and Veneer)
  • Perfect 90 degree angled frame for accurate profiles
  • Modify with G Brackets and Nail on attachments to fit the job at hand
  • Zinc plating prevents corrosion
  • Proudly Australian made

Item Number: TOPL, TOP25L

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Also known as: L Brackets


20mm, 25mm