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Here at CDBS Construction Centre, we aim to make your search for all the best bricklaying and stonemasonry equipment easier than ever. In our online store, you’ll find a variety of tools, materials and equipment that provides exceptional value for your money. Among our range are diamond tuck point blades, perfect for builders who are working on older or damaged buildings.

CDBS Construction Centre  is trusted by stonemason’s and bricklayers throughout Australia. Take a look at our catalogue today to find what you need.

Why shop our range of diamond tuck point blade?

Diamond tuck point blades are perfect for the removal of mortar from masonry joints.

Builders and Bricklayers alike will find these tuck pointer blades useful to remove mortar between bricks when it is old, weak, cracked or damaged. It is also useful to have a tuckpointing blade when the “head joints” or “bed joints” need to be replaced

A Diamond tuck pointer blade removes mortar faster than a standard diamond blade due to the thickness of the blade. The segment width is 6.4mm so it is more efficient to run along the joint once with a thicker blade. Dry and wet use. For use on angle grinders.

Available in:

  • TUCK4: Four-inch Tuck Pointing Diamond Blade
  • TUCK5: Five-inch Tuck Pointing Diamond Blade
  • TUCK 7: Seven-inch Tuck Pointing Diamond Blade

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