Wire Hand Scratch Brush – Union


Union’s Wire Hand Scratch Brushes are great tools for removing different adherence types from surfaces in the job site, and they are available in either Brass Wire or Stainless Steel constructions. These wire brushes have a narrow face, which lets you easily get into smaller spaces and slots when cleaning. Not only that, the Union Wire Hand Brushes also have a high level of bristle density, making them more efficient at dislodging and removing paint, rust, slag, and other materials. The Stainless Steel brush is best suited for specific surfaces like aluminium, copper and wood – while the Brass model is a good all rounder that can be used on most surface materials.

Union’s Wire Hand Scratch Brushes for sale

  • Available in Brass Wire and Stainless Steel constructions
  • Long working life
  • Curve shape and high wire bristle density.
  • Narrow face to allow easy access into slots.
  • These brushes are useful for removing rust, paint and any sort of adherence.
  • Removal of steel, stainless, aluminium welding, slags and scale cleaning.
  • Brass Wire model is versatile and suited for use on most materials, including Plastic, Iron, and Carbon Steel
  • .35 Stainless Steel model is best suited for use on Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and Wood

Item numbers:

  • .35 Stainless Steel model: HNJ-93 7318930-20
  • Brass Wire model: HNJP-91 7318940-20
Product Type

.35 Stainless Steel, Brass Wire