90L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (3 x 1000 watt motors)


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90L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The V903 90L Commercial Vacuum Cleaner is a handy wet and dry vacuum which comes equipped with accessories, and is easy to assemble. Suitable for a range of industrial uses such as workshops, construction sites, factories, it is very efficient and effective against the removal of both liquid and dust particles.

Whether dry vacuuming dust, wood shavings, or even oily, acidic substances or liquids, this is the wet and dry vacuum cleaner that tradies prefer for its enhanced suction power.

Driven by three 1000 watt motors

Running on three 1000watt motors, this 90L wet and dry vacuum cleaner has high performance suction with the option of multiple suction power – perfect for construction applications. The 3 x 1000 watt motors effectively increases vacuum suction (inches of waterlift), compared to lower grade two or single motors. This is an industrial dust extractor, equipped with a ultra fine air filter.

Large Capacity 90 litre tank

The large capacity 90L tank for the collected liquids or debris is semi-transparent. This makes it easy to identify exactly when it needs emptying. The large plastic tank has been especially designed to be collision resistant, as well as having protection against acid and alkaline solutions as well as water.

The large wheel plate provides superior stability and manoeuvrability, making it a popular dust extraction machine with construction professionals.

This 90L Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner comes with this standard accessory pack:

– 2.5m hose,

– wand,

– wet head,

– dry head,

– crevice tool

– brush.


Specifications for the 3000 watt 90L vacuum cleaner:

– Voltage: 220V/50Hz

– Power: 3000 watts (3 x 1000 watt Motors)

– Capacity: 90 L

– Vacuum: 3000mm H2O

– Semi-transparent acid and alkaline proof plastic tank

– Waterproof Protection: IPX4

– Length of cable: 7.2 m

– Air flow: 120 L/s

– Function: Wet/dry

– Cooling system recycle

– Dimensions: H 95cm x D44cm

– Cooling system recycle

– Filter: PTFE Filter (Teflon membrane filter with anti adhesion features)

– Item Number: V903 BF584A-3

*Spare parts replacement sold separately.


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Also known as Super Sucker, Vacuums, Vaccum Cleaners, Dust Extractors, Collectors