Water Containment Rings 3 Pack – C Cut Tools


The C Cut Tools Water Containment Rings are great for wet drilling, and will add more longevity to the quality and lifespan of your diamond drill bits and the drill itself. By using one of these rings, you can create a water bath that holds water for cooling and lubrication of the drill while you’re working. Not only will this water coolant extend your bit’s usability, it will also help to increase drill speed. And for convenience, this pack comes with three different sizes of water ring, at 45 mm, 90 mm, and 140 mm, so you have more flexibility and can pick and choose the best ring for the job at hand.

C Cut Tools – 3 Pack of Water Containment Rings

A pack with 3 sizes 45, 90 and 140mm

Item Number: CCTWCR3