Wire Brush for Grinder


Wire Brush for Grinder

A wire brush for a grinder generally comes in three main forms:

1. Cup brush

2. Dish brush, or a

3. Wire wheel.

Cup brushes are designed for higher speed rotation in a high speed angle grinder on large flat surfaces and a dish brush is for corners. A wire wheel is for an angle grinder or a bench grinder for cleaning pipes and smoothing welds.

These wire brushes for grinders can remove scale, rust, and paint, rubber residue, slag, as well as weld deburring and polishing and surface preparation.

Which Angle Grinder Wire Brush or Bench Grinder Brush do I choose?

The most important things to consider when choosing which angle grinder wire brush you need are:

1. RPM of your grinder and the RPM of the power brush

2. The characteristic of the job- are you removing debris or polishing?

3. The surface size you need to cover

4. What is your surface made from?

Grinder Wire Brushes for sale

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ShapeBristle TypeProduct CodeSteel TypeDiameterThicknessRPM (Max)Bore
Cup BrushTwist KnotKC-24 4233422High Carbon Steel65mm0.35mm12500M14 x 2.0 DB and M10 x 1.5 Adaptor included
Twist KnotKC-34 4234422High Carbon Steel75mm0.35mm12500M14 x 2.0 DB and M10 x 1.5 Adaptor included
Twist KnotKC-44 4236442High Carbon Steel100mm0.50mm9000M14 x 2.0 DB
Crimped WireCC-44 1214442Brass Coated  Carbon Steel100mm0.50mm9000M14 x 2.0 DB and M10 x 1.5 Adaptor included
Crimped WireCC-34 1213442Brass Coated  Carbon Steel75mm0.50mm9000M14 x 2.0 DB and M10 x 1.5 Adaptor included
Dish BrushTwist KnotKV-44 4336442High Carbon Steel100mm0.50mm12500M14 x 2.0 DB and M10 x 1.5 Adaptor included
Twist KnotKV-54 4338442High Carbon Steel125mm0.50mm10000M14 x 2.0 DB
Crimped WireVA-44 1334442Brass Coated Carbon Steel100mm0.30mm12500M14 x 2.0 DB
Crimped WireVA-54 1335442Brass Coated Carbon Steel125mm0.50mm9000M14 x 2.0 DB
Wheel BrushTwist KnotKW-50 4113742High Carbon Steel125mm0.50mm1000022B DB
Crimped WireWG-65 1145242Brass Coated Carbon Steel150x25mm0.30mm600025B DB
Crimped WireWG-85 1147242Brass Coated Carbon Steel200x25mm0.30mm450025B DB

Do the RPMs on the angle grinder wire brush or bench grinder brush matter?

A Wire Cup Brush and a Wire Dish Brush (also known as a bevel brush) come in a variety of sizes. But the most important thing to do is look at the safe RPM operating speed of your angle grinder or bench grinder. While a 4″ Cup Brush is likely to fit your 4 inch angle grinder, the RPM of the cup brush may higher than the RPM of your angle grinder. Never exceed the RPM safety ratings on your angle grinder even if the cup brush fits the grinder. If you want to use a larger cup brush, you will need to use a larger angle grinder.

What finish am I trying to achieve with my Angle Grinder Wire Brush?

Next, consider what you are trying to achieve. Is there a need to remove base material like glue or adhesives, or is the material being prepped and cleaned for finish or coating?

Soft wire power brushes bring out the luster and polish in a surface, while stiff wire brushes remove heavy debris. JUST REMEMBER, wire brushes are not for removing metal- they are for cleaning and polishing. To remove metal you need a strong abrasive disc.

A general purpose wire brush for grinder is a crimped-wire brush. This crimped-wire brushes provide flexibility for light- to medium-duty brushing action. If you are unsure what power brush to use, always start with a softer brush.

More aggressive brushing is achieved through a knot wire brush for grinder. In a knot cup brush each heat treated piece of wire twists together and looks like a rope. As these are less flexible, they are better for heavy duty debris removal.

Wire Brush for Grinder and different surface sizes

As we spoke about above, RPM is important. Cup brushes and dish brushes are good for cleaning larger surfaces as they flares only slightly at the right RPM. They are also a good time saver as they have a larger footprint and can clean a larger area in a single pass. A wire wheel for a angle grinder or bench grinder is for spot jobs like removing welding burs.

What is your surface made from?

A wire brush used on a metal surface can cause more damage to your surface than good if you don’t use the right wire brush. So it is important to make sure you know what is the best wire brush for your job.

The anti-rust properties of stainless steel can be undermined by using a non-stainless steel brush. For stainless steel jobs, use a stainless steel wire brush. A brass wire brush is perfect for aluminium and other soft surfaces if you don’t want to damage them- it is also non-sparking so much safer in flammable areas. A carbon steel wire brush is good for carbon steel / tempered steel.

Take your time and don’t press too hard

In most circumstances, using the highest speed with the lightest possible pressure will make your job go faster and help you get the longest life from your angle grinder wire brush. A fine-wire brush spinning at a high speed can achieve the same result as a coarse-wire brush rotating at a slow speed. The main difference is that the fine-wire power brush will usually lasts longer. That’s why we recommend that you always start with a softer brush!

If you have a low power angle grinder, and you can’t reach the RPM specified on your Angle Grinder Wire Brushes then you can run into problems. If the wire brush for your grinder is insufficient, frustrated operators typically apply more pressure. However, this increase in pressure does not save you time. This causes overbending of the filaments so they don’t connect properly with your surface, heat buildup, wire breakage and dulling.

All wire brushes for grinders should be continuously moved across the work surface. It is important not to dwell in one spot as it will lead to pitting, gouging, increased heat, and reduced surface finish

Wire Brush for Grinder – key takeaways

It is important to know what your angle grinder wire brush or bench grinder brush is intended for. Always follow best practices to extend product life, improve operator safety, and increase productivity and efficiency. Doing so can help you complete jobs faster, saving time and money for a better bottom line.

Don’t forget to check your angle grinder wire brush or bench grinder brush each time for any signs of damage or wear and replace as necessary. If you need some help choosing from our bench grinder or angle grinder brushes for sale, just give us a call on 02 6242 8996 


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Product Type

CC-34 1213442, CC-44 1214442, KC-24 4233422, KC-34 4234422, KC-44 4236442, KV-44 4336442, KV-54 4338442, KW-50 4113742, VA-44 1334442, VA-54 1335442, WG-65 1145242, WG-85 1147242