Wood Floats – MasterFinish


These excellent Wood Floats from MasterFinish are great for concrete surfaces before setting, to get smooth results with a nice textured finish.  The Masterfinish wooden float is made of hardwood which is long wearing, so you can use it for a long time to come, and also has an orange poly heavy duty handle. These high quality hand floats for sale, available in a variety of sizes, are comfortable easy to use and clean.

Wood Floats – MasterFinish

These are widely used traditional tools that produce a textured finish for external paving as well as applications in cement rendering.

Made in Australia

Choose from:

  • MF801 112 x 300mm
  • MF802 112 x 380mm
  • MF803 112 x 450mm
  • MF804 50 x 450mm
  • MF824 65 x 600mm
Product Type

MF801, MF802, MF803, MF804, MF824