London Brick Trowel (Wide) 12″ Leather Handle – WRose


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Wide London Brick Trowel 12 inch with Leather Handle – WRose


The 12″ Wide London blade carries mortar towards the toe of the blade, away from the handle. The wide blade holds more mortar making it a popular pattern for stonework and block.

The blade and shank are forged from a single piece of uniquely formulated carbon steel for extra toughness. Forging also assures product consistency. Blades are heat tempered with a special time-tested process to ensure a uniform blade hardness.

Each W. Rose™ masonry trowel features a tapered ground blade for flexibility. The forged steel blade and shank offer strength and integrity with no internal voids that could form if it was welded. Forged steel will not weaken or crack. Each blade is carefully hand polished to keep mortar centered on the blade and to resist sliding.

The standard shank angle is specifically balanced to reduce wrist fatigue. Every trowel is inspected, keeping in mind the high quality standards of the W. Rose™ legacy.

Made in the USA.

  • 305mm / 12″ (inch)
  • With Leather Handle
  • Each blade is hand polished for comfort and flexibility
  • Broad heel blade is popular for stonework.
  • Limber, more flexible blade
  • Item Number: RO312-12


Also known as Bricklaying Trowels and Brickies Trowels


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