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The Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers (CDBS Construction) mechanics are the local experts in construction engines. Whatever we sell we can fix, even products we don’t sell we can fix. We know engines inside out — WE CAN FIX IT!! We can even perform cement mixer repairs.

The great customer service combined with the convenient construction shop, it’s a no brainer why tradies keep coming back.


We all know how much money can be lost and time wasted when your machinery breaks down in the middle of a job, and we want to help you avoid this.

CDBS is now offering a recall service. Sign up for this, and we will remind you when your service is due.

If you have a holiday coming up, book your machinery in with us in advance so we can do a bulk service for you.


Our onsite mechanics have such a great reputation that we are the warranty repair agent for most machinery that we sell. We also fix brands we don’t stock, so if your construction equipment needs some love and care, we can help you out.

Unlike most other resellers of construction machinery in Canberra, we do warranty repairs on site here in Canberra. This means that you get your gear back quicker and there are no delays caused by sending it away to Sydney or Melbourne. In fact, a number of construction retailers around town even send their warranty repairs to us. So you’re better off just buying from us directly, as you know that our good service does not just stop after a sale is made.


Examples of machinery that we service and repair: Bricksaws, power cutters, vibrators, rammers, road saws, floor saws, cement mixers, ride ons, core drills, and cement mixer repairs. And more, give us a call.



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Thank you for booking your equipment in with CDBS Construction. We will contact you if we have any queries or if we are already booked out for that period. You will get a confirmation email to let you know your submission has gone through to us.