Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers (CDBS Construction) has survived the test of time by providing great service and advice to tradesmen since 1993.
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I have had the privilege of engaging the services of Canberra Diamond Supplies for over 5 years now and I have always been extremely impressed with the skills, quality, and timeliness of their work. As a grounds maintenance contractor, it is extremely important that our equipment is repaired as quickly as possible.  Canberra Diamond Supplies understands the situation of a contractor and has always provided our business with a prompt, reliable and economical service.

 It took us a number of years to find this type of service, and we are extremely happy as a client going into the future.

Mark Hynes
Business Owner and Operator
Territory Horticulture

I have been a customer at Canberra Diamond Blade over the past 12 years and in that time have always had exceptional, prompt and reliable service. The shop is always well stocked with everything for the bricklayer. On the odd occasion where something wasn’t in stock, they would organise it straight away. But most important is the great service you receive when taking a tool in to be fixed — everything is always repaired on time and on budget. They have shown to be extremely knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy.

Oliver Brassington
Brassington Bricklaying

From a bricklayer and stonemason point of view, Canberra Diamond Blade is just great. They stock the hand tools that we need at a good price, and they sell good bricksaws, cement mixers and brick elevators. If anything ever goes wrong with my gear, I just drop it in and it will be fixed in a reasonable time frame, and not be sent away. We also buy their tungsten hammers and chisels for our stonemasonry work as they’re hard to find anywhere else.

Paul Garvey and John Carty
Co-Directors, ACT Brick and Rock

ACT Concrete Restorations purchased equipment for Concrete floor grinding with dust extraction from Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers in Mitchell ACT. It consisted of 15 amp triple disc planetary grinder 680. The vacuum system that accompanied the grinder is a 15amp triple motored system 550. We have been in this industry for 25 years and bang for buck value on this system is there, it has out-performed existing machines and cut costs on diamond usage as it has interlocking segments that allow you to increase or decrease your diamond to floor ratio on command.

 The system is superior to other well-known brands and at the right price. I have been dealing with Canberra Diamond Blade for 18 years and have purchased numerous concrete preparation machines from them.

 In that time I have found that the advice I was given by CDBS on the quality of items have proven true. I still have machines I purchased 15 years prior and they are still profitable. The service and advice that CDBS is second to none.

Andrew Ivers
Managing Director
ACT Concrete Restorations Pty Ltd

I have been using Canberra Diamond for purchasing new equipment and having my equipment serviced there for over 4 years. Canberra Diamond plays an integral part of my business and I highly recommend them to anyone.

Steve Eljuga
Kuna Contractors
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