What Happens To Grass If You Don’t Cut It?

A regular lawn care routine is important as it helps keep the grass at an appropriate height and makes your property look better. But have you ever wondered what happens to the grass if you don’t cut it?

When grass isn’t cut, it grows taller and begins to clump together. This causes the stems to become woody. Tallgrass consumes more nutrients from the soil and weakens the lawn. This causes patches across the lawn and eventually, it will be overrun by weeds and insects, becoming very unhealthy grass.

Read on to find out more about the results of not cutting your grass.

The negative implications of an unkept lawn

For a lot of people, lawn maintenance is a chore that they would rather do without. Because of the overwhelming nature of routine lawn maintenance, it can become quite challenging, especially in summer or spring when grass grows faster. While cutting grass is definitely a tedious task, it’s also very important. Below are several problems that arise if you don’t cut your grass.

Unhealthy Grass

Grass that isn’t cut to the recommended height is usually more unhealthy than regular cut grass. If you’ve ever walked past an abandoned property, then you must have realized that the grass lacks the deep green appearance that healthy grass possesses. This is because, with tall grass, root growth usually slows down, causing the grass to weaken.  

Mowing Difficulty

Letting grass grow too much makes mowing difficult

Without a doubt, if you let the grass grow past its usual limit, it will be a little difficult to mow down. You may have to adjust the height of the mower and even then, you will still need to move a little slower, gradually reducing the height every time. Sometimes your mowing gets away from you and the lawn gets a bit tall and rough. With a quality lawnmower such as the Husqvarna TS354 Ride On Mower, you can tackle tough lawns more easily.

Hidden Dangers

It shouldn’t be a surprise that an overgrown lawn is a perfect home for pests and all other kinds of rodents. Pests that love to nest inside tall grass include mice, insects, raccoons, snakes, rats, gophers, opossums, among others. Such pests can become hazardous not only to homeowners but also to children and maintenance workers with access to the lawn.

Lawn Problems

Overgrown grass creates an untidy look. Some areas will grow taller while others start drying out & dying. If the grass is left to grow for an extended amount of time, weeds and woody shrubs will start to sprout. You will also be dealing with an abundance of insects in your yard that will become pests to your living.

Should you let your grass grow tall?

There aren’t any major benefits of letting your grass grow tall. If you let your grass grow tall, then it reaches a stage where it’s ready to seed. When it’s ready to seed, the problems we mentioned earlier arise; a patchy, unhealthy lawn, weed overgrowth, & an unpleasant look. Additionally, letting your grass grow taller doesn’t make your grass thicker.

If you want to add more grass to your lawn, simply sow bought seeds. This is because tall grass usually becomes weaker as it grows. Therefore, if the grass seeds, the seeds will be weak as well and won’t help spread or thicken the lawn. Furthermore, the grass will take up more of the nutrients in the ground to grow taller than to grow thick and healthy.

Reasons why you should cut your grass

Short cut grass is usually neat and makes for a great curb appeal. Additionally, it does encourage others around you to maintain a nice, tidy lawn. With that said, here are some other reasons why it’s important to cut your grass:

Cutting grass helps fend off pests and rodents

Short cut grass doesn’t provide the kind of coverage that tall grass provides. Therefore, these pests and rodents won’t have anywhere to hide. If you don’t have litter or trash lying around the property, they won’t think twice about creating a home there.

Why you need to cut your grass

Keeps insects and termites at bay

Insects and termites usually love to hang out around dead wood and overgrown vegetation. However, if you regularly cut your grass and clear out any overgrown vegetation, you deter any termites or insects that may think of making a home in your grass.

Lower your watering costs

If you have a regular lawn maintenance routine, you will quickly discover just how much water is needed to keep your grass green. Therefore, you won’t constantly water areas that don’t need watering, keeping your water bill down.

You save time and money

By regularly cutting down your grass, you are saving up a lot of money and time. This is because, if you let your grass grow until it becomes unmanageable, there is a chance that you may attract a city penalty. Additionally, you may have to pay a mowing company to get the grass cut down to size.

Cutting grass, the importance of lawn care

Cutting grass seems like a tedious insignificant chore that a lot of people would rather overlook. However, if you don’t cut your grass, it will grow back to a wilder state. Various types of grass, weeds, and shrubs will start growing on your lawn, forming a big tangled mess. Not to mention, it brings along big risks that make it unsafe for the family to play in.

Many harmful pests such as snakes will be attracted to the shade that the tall grass provides, posing a threat to your family. Therefore, by cutting your grass, you lower the risk of such things happening & at the same time, boost the value of your property. Additionally, think about all the money you can save in the long run. Take the time to cut your grass, it’s a win-win situation in the long term.

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