What Is The Most Aggressive Chainsaw Chain?

When you are looking for a chainsaw, there are a few major factors that you are going to want to consider thinking about. One of the most important of these is the chain itself, and specifically how aggressive it is. When you are looking for a really aggressive chainsaw chain, you have a few options to choose between.

The most aggressive chainsaw chain is either a full chisel, or a chisel skip chain. A Full Chisel is an aggressive chain on chainsaw bars that are 24”or less. When cutting deep, long cuts with a bar longer than 24”, a Chisel Skip Chain is most efficient and aggressive. A .404″ chainsaw pitch is the most aggressive chainsaw chain pitch for professional arborists.

In order to unpack all that, however, we will need to look in some detail at exactly what it means. Read on to find out more about chainsaw chains and how they differ – and just what it is that makes one more aggressive than another.

How Find The Most Aggressive Chain?

You might be wondering, what does it mean for a chainsaw chain to be aggressive? Essentially, you can consider a chainsaw chain aggressive if it cuts very quickly through whatever material you are cutting. There is no single thing that makes a chainsaw chain aggressive, but some of the questions to consider are:

  • What is the length of your chainsaw bar?
  • How deep are the cuts you are making?
  • What type of wood are you cutting?
  • How powerful is your chainsaw?
  • What is the set pitch of your chainsaw

Is a Standard Chain the Most Aggressive?

The Standard Compilation Chains is also known as a Full House or Full Compliment chain. This chainsaw chain compilation has the most amount of teeth of all chainsaw chain compilations. A full house of teeth in fact!

Its many teeth make it the smoothest and fastest cutting on jobs that require short cuts. A full house chain is common on guide bars that are up to 24 inches long. This makes it a good contender for home owners who are limbing trees, and cutting firewood.

The downside to a full compilation chainsaw chain is that there is less ability for the wood chips to follow the chain out of the wood, expelling from the cut. This becomes an issue in long deep cuts, when the gap between teeth fill up and the tooth really can’t do much more but vibrate and rattle. On smaller cuts a regular chain will work better as they rotate out of the wood faster, so the teeth dump often enough not to need the extra spacing. This normally isn’t an issue for chains under 24”, so a common aggressive chain for a home owner is a full tooth chain.

What about a Skip Tooth Chain?

A skip tooth chain essentially means that there are less teeth on the chain (teeth are skipped). Essentially, by using a skip chain, it creates a more efficient cut for long deep cuts, meaning you won’t need as much power from your chainsaw to cut.

Keep in mind, within skip chains you can have a full skip, where every other tooth is skipped. Or a semi skip, where only some teeth are removed. In a Semi Skip Chain, half lf of its teeth are close together like standard chain and the other half are set up like a full skip.

What Makes a Skip Tooth Chainsaw Chain Aggressive?

A skip tooth chain essentially means that there are less teeth on the chain (teeth are skipped). Because of the free space within the cut created by the skipped teeth, wood shavings are carried out by the chain through the gaps between the cutter teeth. Essentially, by using a skip chain, it creates a more efficient cut, meaning you won’t need as much power from your chainsaw to cut. A skip tooth chainsaw chain reduces the drag on the chain caused by the wood that you are cutting and in turn enables your chainsaw motor to run faster.

Skip chains are often only used on larger chainsaw chains. This is because the chain’s rotation around the cut is longer and it takes longer for a long chain to expel wood shaving build up. The gaps provided by the skip chain allow the teeth to continue cutting until they exit the log and dump the wood shavings. Whereas smaller chainsaw chains rotate around the chainsaw bar more often and as result dump out the woodchips faster.

You also need to take into account what you are cutting and what type of chain your work suits. Note that skip chains perform best for long deep cuts where build-up of potential wood shavings is high. If you use a skip chain on small diameter cuts, the problem is with so few teeth making the cut, the chain gets grabby and causes a high amount of vibration.

Are Full Chisel Teeth The Best For An Aggressive Chain?

Full Chisel teeth refer to the shape of the chainsaw teeth. These are known to move fast, which is why they are often cited as the best options for an aggressive chain. But what are full chisel teeth, and why are they generally the best for an aggressive chain?

In general, if you want to have an aggressive cut, you are going to need a chainsaw chain that operates as quickly as possible. A chainsaw chain with full chisel teeth means that you are cutting with a very high speed. Speed being one of the main ingredients behind an aggressive chain, this is clearly vital. A full chisel chain is best for bigger jobs, such as cutting down hardwood trees.

Full chisel teeth have square corners, which gives them a more limited grip – but on the upside, an incredibly effective cut. You are not going to use full chisel teeth if you want to have a smooth cut, but if what you care about is the level of aggression, this is definitely the way to go. If you want a job done quickly, chisel teeth are usually your go-to type of teeth.

aggressive chainsaw chain pitch

What is an Aggressive Chainsaw Pitch

As a general rule, the larger the pitch size, the larger and heavier the chainsaw chain is. Bu the pitch is dictated by the chainsaw you have, you can only use chains that suit the pitch that your chainsaw was made for.

So if you already have a chainsaw, a chain pitch won’t be a factor to consider. But if you are buying a new chainsaw, knowing that larger pitch sizes impact cutting ability can help you make an informed choice.

When examining what makes the most aggressive chainsaw chain you can say that the 3/8 pitch chain and the .404 chains are the most aggressive.

The 3/8 is a more flexible size with adequate strength, low weight and substantial cutting speed. It can also can handle the power of a 50-100cc chainsaw engine.

Whereas if you are a professional harvester or arborist, you would know that the .404″ chainsaw pitch is the ultimate largest and aggressive pitch.

So, What is the Most Aggressive Chainsaw Chain?

Full Chisel teeth on a full house chain is generally the best combination for all-round aggressiveness for home owners. This is because most homeowners will have bars of less than 24” and will be cutting limbs off trees and firewood which is not extremely large in diameter. In terms of aggressiveness, we recommend the Husqvarna H57 chainsaw chains are some of the most aggressive currently on the market. Give us a call on 0262428966 to make an order of a H57 .404” Full Chisel Full House Chain. We deliver right across Australia.

For applications where you are cutting with more than a 24” bar and on hardwood, you would be better off with a Full Chisel Skip compilation. A Ripping Chain is what we recommend for Full Chisel Full Skip, and Semi Skip Chain. Give us a call on 02 62428966 to make an order of a ripping chain to suit your chainsaw. We deliver right across Australia.

Is an Aggressive Chainsaw Chain Safe?

An aggressive chainsaw chain is not recommended for beginners as it is not as safe as other chain types. The main danger is that there is a greater chance of kickback. A chainsaw is a powerful tool, and when not used properly with the correct protective clothing could result in major injury and even death. If you have not had the correct training, you should leave this type of chainsaw chain to the professionals.

If you want a good performing chain but are not an expert, Semi Chisel chains have a lower chance of kickback. Especially some of the lower profile ones like the ¼” chains, the 3/8 Mini Pitch, or a .325 Pitch.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you need to think about when you are choosing a chainsaw chain. We actually have a detailed guide called Different Types of Chainsaw Chains and it is a great read if you haven’t already seen it! But if you want aggression above all else, going for one of the Husqvarna options mentioned above are very much the ones to choose. Whatever your purpose or need, they will have you covered.

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