What Makes A Chainsaw Chain Aggressive?

An aggressive chainsaw chain is one that cuts through wood quickly. Aggressive chains are generally those that function a lot faster than others by cutting through wood quickly.. Usually left to professionals as they are not as safe due to a higher risk of kickback. The following list can be used to determine the most aggressive chain:

1. Chain Compilation

Often on smaller chainsaws and chainsaw bars, an aggressive chain has more teeth. Lots of teeth can create quick and clean cuts in cuts under 24 inches long. A chain with a full set of teeth is called a Full Compliment chain. This is also known as a Standard Chain sequence.

But more teeth does not equal more aggressive in all situations.  More teeth on long bar making long deep cuts can result in a slower less aggressive cut. This is because there is limited opportunity for wood savings to be expelled from within the cut.

Different types of chain arrangement

A Skip Compilation chain would be a more aggressive chain for this type of cutting. Skip Chains have less teeth, produce rougher cuts. Because they have gaps where teeth are skipped, wood shavings can travel out of the cut along the gaps in the chain. The more efficient removal of wood shaving creates less drag and a more efficient cut.

2. Type of Teeth

The type of teeth is also a huge determining factor in how aggressive a chainsaw is. Full chisel teeth are generally your best option when you are looking for an aggressive chainsaw chain. These teeth work very fast and hard, and can cut through whatever you need to in a matter of moments. That’s really what we mean by a chain being truly aggressive.

3. Chain Pitch

The pitch is dictated by your chainsaw, so unless you are researching to buy a new chainsaw you are stuck with what your chainsaw takes. But for those who are researching to buy, the larger pitch sizes equal larger and heavier chain saw chains.

So when talking about what makes a chainsaw chain aggressive, the pitch is very important. For large scale timber cutting, the .404 pitch is on the most aggressive chains for heavy duty work.

4. Chainsaw Power

Speed is one very important factor in aggressiveness. Not only do you need to consider the power of your actual chainsaw, but also how efficient a cut your chainsaw chain produces. Some chainsaws will never be truly aggressive if their motor is small and they just don’t have the grunt.

If you want to learn more, check out our guide on ‘What Is The Most Aggressive Chainsaw Chain?’ In this guide, we go through each of the items in this list in detail. We also provide aggressive chainsaw chain recommendations based on saw size and the material being cut.

Want to learn more generally about Chainsaw Chains? Our Different Types of Chainsaw Chain Guide talks about everything you need to know.

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