Where To Buy Rapid Antigen Tests?

There has been a lot of talk about Rapid Antigen Tests, also known as RATs. But you might be wondering, where can you buy a Rapid Antigen Test? Is it just for professionals, or can you have one at home?

You can buy Covid-19 antigen tests from pharmacies, grocery stores, and online suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment. Canberra Diamond Blade is a local Australian retailer that sells Covid-19 rapid antigen tests and various forms of PPE.

A rapid antigen test, sometimes known as a fast antigen detection test, an antigen test, or simply a quick test, is a short diagnostic test for detecting the presence or absence of a virus like Covid-19.

Where to Buy Rapid Antigen Tests

Antigen tests are used to diagnose individuals for Covid-19 quickly. Antigen tests detect the presence of Covid-19 in a matter of minutes or hours after administration. Specific coronavirus surface proteins are recognized by antigen testing.

Canberra Diamond Blade is a local Australian retailer that sells antigen tests and N95 masks Australia wide. We offer the Covid-19 rapid antigen test that detects the presence or absence of specific coronavirus surface proteins so you can know whether you do or don’t have Covid-19 quickly.

Rapid antigen tests are available online or in bulk quantities. Purchasing a Covid-19 rapid antigen test in bulk is a great idea because you can test your entire household or workplace and receive instant results to let you know if someone in the household is sick with Covid-19 and requires medical attention.

How to Use a Rapid Antigen Test

Covid-19 rapid antigen tests are based on the principle that a sample of saliva or nasal mucus is placed onto strips containing antigens to specific viruses. If these antigens bind to viral particles in the saliva or mucus, they will change color in just minutes.

Rapid antigen tests are reliable in identifying common viruses and bacteria. If you have recently received immunisation or have taken antiviral medication following infection, this diagnostic tool might produce a false-positive result. False-negative findings can also be caused by a weakened immune system due to hunger, other diseases, or other reasons.

Using Covid-19 rapid antigen tests is simple. The nasal swab test is similar to a rapid flu test and is generally done at the point of care by collecting a sample from the nasal cavity with a swab. The majority of antigen tests are completed in around 15 minutes.

After obtaining the nasal or throat mucus sample obtained with a swab, it is placed in the tube of a test cartridge, which has a porous strip at one end. Within 15 minutes, there will be a color change if Covid-19 is detected.

Where can I get a Rapid Antigen Test Near Me?

Canberra Diamond Blade delivers Rapid Antigen Tests Australia wide. Rapid antigen tests are an important element of the treatment and diagnosis of Covid-19. Rapid antigen tests can be purchased from the private market, like pharmacies, grocery stores, and online suppliers. They can be bought as a single-use test or in bulk.

Canberra Diamond Blade is a leading Australian retailer that sells Covid-19 rapid antigen tests while also offering multiple forms of PPE. N95, KN95, and reusable cloth masks are just a few of Canberra Diamond Blade Supplier’s other specialties.

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