What is the Best Wheelbarrow in 2024?

When doing heavy lifting while at work, sometimes one of the greatest tools you can use is the simple wheelbarrow. It is easier to lift a load in a wheelbarrow because it takes the weight off your hands and places it into a carrier that is easy to move and easy to work with.

The best wheelbarrow in 2024 is the Moss Galvanised Wheelbarrow, closely followed by the Paragon Raptor, the Paragon Rocket, and the Kelso Poly Tray. The Moss Galvanised Wheelbarrow is the best because it is designed for the professional tradesman – and will save you time, energy and money on the job.

If you look at the current market for wheelbarrows, your choices can be kind of overwhelming! There are a ton of different brands, materials, and other qualities to consider. With so many options, how do you know which one is the best wheelbarrow for you?

Best Wheelbarrow 2024 – Moss Galvanised Wheelbarrow

Our top pick for the best wheelbarrow of 2024 would have to be the Galvanised Wheelbarrow from Moss. This high-quality, sturdy, galvanized wheelbarrow has an extra-long life to handle all your toughest jobs.

Moss Wheelbarrow Galvanised Canberra

The painted hardwood handles are perfectly designed for a comfortable grip and the legs are solid steel with skid wear pads. The deep tray of the Galvanized Moss Wheelbarrow has a steel build, with extra reinforcing around the top of the tray and underneath. This is a highly durable barrow that will stand the test of time.

The tyre is a 4ply Kendra tyre, made for heavy duty work, with a solid metal rim and deep groove ball bearings. As some have said, it is “simply the best wheelbarrow to roll across this earth.”

The Moss Galvanised Barrow also holds more weight than most wheelbarrows with a capacity of 110 L wet or 160 L dry.

The Moss Wheelbarrow is strong and can handle all loads making it the best wheelbarrow for concrete and other heavy materials.

So, if you want the best, by our marks, and by the public of Australia, head over to our store and buy the Galvanised Moss Wheelbarrow! We promise that you’ll be satisfied with the Australian Made quality.

Paragon Raptor Wheelbarrow

The Paragon Raptor Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow is the cost-friendly cousin of the Moss Wheelbarrow.

Paragon Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow for Tradies and Bricklayers

This high-capacity wheelbarrow has a reinforced base and solid steel legs to make it sturdy enough to take on your heavy lifting jobs, along with an arched and reinforced lip that makes it perfect for pouring. This is going to be the best wheelbarrow for bricklayers and landscapers.

The waterproof-treated handles mean you can work even in the rain (before it gets too muddy to roll, of course) and the sturdy wheel is perfect for easy manoeuvrability.

If you are wondering what size is a standard wheelbarrow, the Raptor is a good example at 32 kg with a capacity of 100 litres or 3.5 cubic feet.

The best part of this brand? You can order individual parts to help extend the life of this wheelbarrow. For an all-around great choice for quality combined with affordability, head to our store page to buy the Paragon Raptor Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow!

Paragon Rocket Wheelbarrow

The Paragon Rocket Square Tray Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow is a perfect choice on a construction site. It runs about the same cost as the Paragon Raptor and has most of the same features: reinforced base and rim, solid steel legs, and a heavy-duty tyre.

Paragon Red Rocket Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow Mitchell

This barrow is the best for bricks because of its squared corners.

The moisture-resistant eucalyptus hardwood handles are durable and comfy in the hands. The big difference: the squared tray. The squared tray is roomy and stable, making it ideal for carrying things like bricks or other building materials.

In terms of build, the Paragon Rocket Wheelbarrow is very similar to the Paragon Raptor, just with a different tray shape. You’re also able to order spare parts for this model to extend its life, so keep that in mind for later down the track. You’ll certainly be in sturdy hands if you decide to buy the Paragon Rocket Wheelbarrow. Check out our store page for details.

Kelso Poly Tray Wheelbarrow

The Kelso Poly Tray Wheelbarrow is the budget-friendly tool for those who need something sturdy for all kinds of loads. This poly-based deep tray wheelbarrow features powder coated steel handles with comfy grips, a steel frame for extra support, and steel legs for all-around strength.

Kelso Poly Wheel Barrow Canberra

It also boasts a wide based flat-free wheel with a steel rim, as well as a built-in shockboard for extra stability when you hit that rocky terrain on the job!

The Kelso Poly Tray Wheelbarrow is the best budget wheelbarrow for sale, offering great quality for you and your team at an affordable price.

Of course, there are many different aspects that go into each barrow, and it’s important to consider all of them when you are choosing your wheelbarrow. There are so many options to choose from and we’re here to help you find the right choice for you, so follow along with us in this article as we go over some key aspects of any wheelbarrow, follows by our top recommendations for any and all tradies looking to get their hands on the best wheelbarrows for sale!

What Should I Look For In a Wheelbarrow?

The main things you need to look for in a wheelbarrow are strength, durability, manoeuvrability, longevity and a good weight. You want overall reliability, and these different aspects achieve that. The main characteristics of any wheelbarrow provide these things include the main material, the handle design, the wheels, the tyres, and the overall size.

Why do I need a good wheelbarrow?

In the construction industry, professionals need to have the right gear. Workers on a construction site put in difficult hours often under the hot sun and without the right wheelbarrow, a small job could take forever. The heavy lifting and hauling that gets done without a wheelbarrow can tire workers out quickly and even lead to injury.

With over $31 billion spent in the Australian DIY market, even homeowners working on their home and gardening projects need to have the right gear.

The difference between getting a job finished and having a project take forever can be how well equipped you are. When you’ve got the best wheelbarrow, work is much easier, you won’t cut corners, and you’ll get your building done quickly.

How much can a standard wheelbarrow hold?

Most wheelbarrows hold up to 100 litres in total capacity. However, the Moss Galvanised wheelbarrow goes above and beyond because it can hold up to 160 litres dry. This is just one of many reasons why a Moss wheelbarrow is our choice for the best wheelbarrow in 2024.

Plastic vs Steel Wheelbarrow

When it comes to your barrow’s bucket, it’s important to consider if you want a plastic vs steel wheelbarrow because they are better suited for different tasks. Both are excellent for their own purposes, but the material that works best for you will depend on things like your budget or the kind of material you’re transporting. Plastic or poly wheelbarrows are more lightweight and manoeuvrable, while steel wheel barrows provide extra durability and longevity onsite.

Plastic and Steel Wheelbarrows for Sale

So, the big question – are poly wheelbarrows better than steel? While plastic can be more durable than you think, it’s still best suited for light duty work. Plastic buckets are lighter and better for your back and your spine when doing long days of work. If you’re mostly moving large bags of sand or dirt, plastic should be no problem.

You’ll run into problems when you start dealing with heavy, jagged material. Moving construction waste that includes big concrete stones, rebar, glass, and other sharp materials can take a toll on a plastic bucket. You’ll tear through it sooner than you might a sturdier bucket.

This is the reason you might want to go with a steel wheelbarrow. If you can’t predict the weight, you’ll be managing or the type of material, steel might be the answer. A steel wheelbarrow will handle any material you throw in and will be durable enough to last for years. You can even get a premium galvanised steel wheelbarrow bucket – it just gives you that extra strength and life.

Another option is the lightweight, foldable canvas wheelbarrows but these are more for light gardening work. If you’re doing any kind of serious construction, your money will be wasted on a canvas wheelbarrow – it is unlikely to last a day.

What is the best material for a wheelbarrow?

If you are looking for a wheel barrow that is easy to move around and is allows you to work more comfortably, go with a poly wheelbarrow. Steel barrows are better suited for heavier materials and are built to last.

Are Steel or Wood Wheelbarrow Handles Better?

An important question to consider regarding your wheelbarrow design is whether steel or wood wheelbarrow handles are better for your needs. The two most common types of wheelbarrow handles are wood handles and steel handles which begs the question of which is best. If comfort is your main focus, then wooden handles are perfect. However, if you are after wheelbarrow handles that are long lasting, grab a barrow with steel handles for maximum durability.

Plastic and Steel Wheelbarrows CDBS

If you know the importance of wearing gloves when you’re doing construction work, you shouldn’t overlook how important the handles of your wheelbarrow are. Having the best wheelbarrow handles makes it easier to handle repetitive work throughout a shift without much hassle.

Wood handles are a bit more comfortable than steel handles. A benefit on a stinking hot Australian summer day is that wooden wheelbarrow handles don’t heat up. Often professional tradesmen prefer a wooden handle – they are more comfortable for repetitive use as the flex and ‘give’ reduces strain on the upper body.

Steel Wheelbarrow handles offer higher levels of strength and durability. Wooden handles can break on impact if the wheelbarrow is dropped, but that less likely with a steel handle. To top it off, you can get galvanised steel handles, as they are more rust resistant than the powder coated type of wheelbarrow handle.

Is One or Two Wheels Better on a Wheelbarrow?

When it comes to the amount of wheels on your wheelbarrow, a two wheeled model is better if you need something that is stable and reliable. However, if you want a lot of mobility and ease of use then a one wheel design is better.

You may not have realised it before, but your barrow’s wheels can be a major factor in whether it works for you. Almost all wheel barrows have either one or two wheels, and choosing one or the other is essential to having a good work experience.

A single wheel design is the most traditional style of wheelbarrow. This design puts just one wheel at the furthest edge from the handles, centred with the rest of the body. This kind of wheelbarrow makes the process of manoeuvring and dumping your bucket a whole lot easier. You might find it requires a lot of strength to control the wheelbarrow. With a sort of tripod design, a one-wheeled wheelbarrow is the most common type you’ll find in home and garden shops.

Wheelbarrows with two wheels located at the end can offer a lot more stability. But their biggest downfall is that you won’t get as much manoeuvring out of the two-wheeled models.

What is the Best Wheelbarrow Tyre?

Pneumatic tyres are best suited for softer terrain while non pneumatic tyres work wonders on rougher or sharper terrain. If you are working on multiple types, then semi pneumatic tyres can be the best of both worlds.

Your tyres will determine how easy it is for you to carry a load from one place to the next. Choosing the correct tyre will depend on the type of worksite, the distance to transport things, and how often you’re using your wheelbarrow.

What Types of Wheelbarrow Tyres Are There?

Most wheel barrows use rubber tyres, which come in three varieties – pneumatic tyres, semi pneumatic tyres and non pneumatic tyres. If you are wondering what is the best tyre type for wheelbarrows, the main factor to consider is the type of ground you are working on.

Pneumatic wheelbarrow tyres are great for regular terrain and have built in shock absorption. They have inflatable innertubes inside them that need to be pumped up – this design absorbs any shocks and makes navigating rougher terrain a lot easier. However, you should keep in mind that sharp objects, as well as rough or jagged terrain, can pop the tyre. So, be sure to also watch the air pressure on your tyre to ensure that it’s always filled to its optimal level.

Non-pneumatic tyres are more durable than pneumatic tyres. They can avoid popping because they’re solid rubber. The ride won’t be as smooth, but unless you need to move around fragile loads that might not be a concern for you. The sturdy design means that you can use these tyres in the harshest and roughest terrains – nothing is too tough for high quality non pneumatic tyres.

Semi pneumatic tyres are a middle ground between the other two options. These tyres have air pockets inside, similarly to regular pneumatic tyres which helps with shock absorption. However, they don’t need inflating because the tyre is solid like non-pneumatic designs. Semi pneumatic tyres are viable for all terrain types, but aren’t optimised for any specific terrain like pneumatic or non pneumatic tyres are.

What is the best size tyre on a wheelbarrow?

Most wheelbarrow tyres are between 13 and 16 inches in diameter. It’s important to keep in mind that these tyres are not always universal, so you need to make sure you have the right size for your barrow’s wheel when it’s time to replace them.

What is the Normal Size of a Wheelbarrow?

The normal size of a garden wheelbarrow is large enough to hold around 56 to 85 litres wet. The size of your wheelbarrow is very important because it determines how much you are able to realistically transport in a single load. As a result you should consider the environment you expect to be working in, how much you need to move at any one time, and the types of materials you are transporting.

Size of Standard Wheelbarrows and Builders Wheel Barrows

If you are mainly using your wheel barrow for gardening and regular yard purposes, a standard wheelbarrow will do right by you. These barrows tend to have trays capable of carrying up to around 60 to 80 litres of wet materials, depending on the design. Different wheelbarrow brands and models have different capacities so make sure that you choose a wheel barrow that you know will get the job done.

For brickies and other tradies that need a more heavy duty wheelbarrow, builder’s barrows are the right choice. This is because they have a larger capacity and are more often than not use stronger materials in their construction. As for what size is a builders wheelbarrow, they usually have a capacity of 100 litres wet. However, unlike standard wheelbarrows you will often find larger builder wheelbarrows, going up to around 110 litres wet and 160 litres dry. Moss Wheelbarrows have several models at this size for any tradesman that needs to really move materials around.

Which Wheelbarrow Requires Less Effort to Carry the Same Load?

Wheelbarrows with larger wheels, better balance and longer handles are ideal if you want to reduce the effort and strain you spend carrying a load.

If your wheelbarrow has large wheels and rollers, it will be easier to move around than a barrow with smaller wheels, even if both have the same amount of materials in the tray. While a smaller wheel can make the barrow easier to move as it can be turned more tightly, a larger and thicker wheel puts more of the weight onto the barrow itself and requires less of you. This added size also gives you a better amount of control over the barrow’s direction.

Longer handles also help with reducing effort for wheelbarrows. If your barrow has handles that are longer and properly positioned, they can give you better leverage as you move and when you are tilting the wheel barrow. Shorter handles mean you have to lift at a higher angle when dumping out the contents, which makes it more difficult to control. Longer handles give you more control over the load every step of the way.

Better balance in a wheelbarrow is the best way to have a comfortable experience that minimises your effort. If your barrow is unbalanced it needs more attention as you move, controlling it to keep it steady and on the right path. A well balanced wheel barrow is easier to control, which means you are exerting the minimum amount of effort and stress to get it from point A to point B.

The Best Wheelbarrows in Australia

If you’re a landscaper, you might have different requirements for the best wheelbarrow design than a mason or a bricklayer would have. With a wheelbarrow suited to the job, you’ll be able to move and adjust your worksite in a quick and agile way. A variety of wheelbarrows could be the way to serve all of your disparate purposes. And we here at Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers have an excellent selection of high quality wheel barrows, so you know you are choosing from the best options available.

No matter which one you choose, you’ll be well set for all your tough jobs! Each of these types of wheelbarrows has its own unique qualities, and we value each of them for their usefulness and durability. The Moss Wheelbarrow Galvanized is our top pick for the best wheelbarrow of 2024, and Burke’s Backyard agrees! But it is absolutely an investment (though totally worth it in our opinion). The Paragon Raptor and Paragon Rocket Wheelbarrows are high-quality, high-functionality choices at a lower rate. Last but certainly not least, the Kelso Poly Tray Wheelbarrow gives you a budget-friendly tool that’ll take you where you need to go! These are the best wheelbarrows in Australia in our books, and we hope you can find the perfect one for you.

If you have any questions about wheelbarrows for sale or any of our other products that we offer, feel free to reach out to us. You can call us on 02 6242 8996 or use our contact form. Otherwise, if you are in the Canberra area and you’d prefer to chat in person, you can pop into our shop in Mitchell. No matter what, we are here to help you find the best wheelbarrow around.

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