Cargo Nets for Utes and Trailers

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Why use a Ute Cargo Net?

Do you drive a ute without a cargo net?

Or maybe you have a trailer for carrying your tools and you don’t use a trailer net?

A cargo net is a strong net that aims to keep your tools in the back of your ute. They are usually a square or rectangle, and are used as a cargo barrier net to restrain loads on utes and trailers.

In Australia, it is against the law to drive your ute or trailer with an unrestrained load. If you don’t use ute cargo nets or ratchet tie straps to secure your load you could be hit with a fine and loose demerit points.

We often see tradies with unsecured loads in the back of their ute, and they just are not thinking!

Cargo nets for utes aim to protect OTHERS AND YOURSELF on the road!

A bucket flying off the back of your ute or trailer might not be a big deal to you. But if it causes an accident, hits another driver or a nearby pedestrian you could be facing a lawsuit. Or it could be worse, as unsecured loads can kill…

Do big items need a Cargo Net?

We have even heard tradies say that machines like brick saws have come off the back of their ute!

How much money could a ute cargo net have saved them! Those machines are pricey!

So don’t think just because the item is heavy it doesn’t need to secured. If you swerve to avoid an animal or child, or if your roll your ute – your item won’t be on the back of your ute anymore.

Senior Sergeant MacFarlane said “We find ladders and star pickets [on the road], and imagine what these kind of things could do to someone”.¹

Cargo nets for utes keep the road safe, but they have other advantages too. By keeping your tools secure and all in one place, a cargo net can make your ute more fuel efficient. It also helps protect your machinery and tools from damage.

Cargo Nets for Ute …XYZ

Tradies ask, do you have a Hilux net? (or some other brand of ute tray net…)

Whether you drive a Hilux, Amarok, Ranger or get around with trailers. We can help you work out the best cargo net for utes, as our range comes in a variety of sizes to suit virtually all vehicles.

To make it easy, we provide as much measurement detail as possible in our product listings on each cargo net for sale.

The small cargo nets are for people who need a cargo net for car roof racks or a small trailer or load.

The medium, large, dual cab and extra large sizes are more suited to be a ute net, trailer net or truck net.

If you want to get the most flexibility of use from your ute net, choose one with attachment points throughout the whole net. These are the best quality cargo nets and give you flexibility to:

– decrease the size of your cargo net,

– or get in tight around cargo that is oddly shaped.

The cargo net you need is really a personal decision based on:

– the size and weight of your tools, and

– the width of your ute tray or trailer.

If your load is heavier than what your cargo cover can take, you can always reinforce your cargo net with tie down ratchet straps.

So really… there are lots of options for cargo nets for utes and trailers. You just need to work out which ute cargo net works best for the types of tools and vehicle you have.

What to consider when buying a Cargo Net

A cargo net has many advantages for tradies, especially those who have lots of smaller tools in the back of their ute. Tie down ratchet straps are great for larger items and machinery, but a cargo net is much more effective as it’s basically a flexible ute cover.

Ute nets comes in many quality grades. If you are going to use a cargo net every day, you’ll want to think about a good quality net that is easy to use. You want ute nets that will not only last, but will have the strength you need to hold your tools.

Also, a lot of low grade and thin stringy cargo nets are going to waste your time. They tend to get tangled around your shovel and machine handles. Not only that, they won’t last as long. They are likely to tear from being tangled and detangled all the time.

At CDBS Construction Centre, we offer quality cargo nets for sale that have thick strong webbing that will last you for the long haul. Our cargo nets will also save you time, as they are easy to take on and off without tangling.

If you have questions about our cargo nets for sale, give us a call on 0262428996. Don’t forget, we do free delivery across Australia on orders over $200 – or $100 for local ACT orders.

CDBS Construction are not just cargo nets suppliers! Not only do we have great cargo nets for sale, we focus on tools for professional tradies- especially brickies, concretors, landscapers, civil workers and demolition. View our product range today!