25L Wet and Dry Dust Extractor


The ADE25 is a compact Wet and Dry Dust Extractor with a variable motor speed and suction power.

This commercial vacuum comes with a simple conversion between wet and dry modes.

Features include a high efficiency 2-stage filtration system. The fully automatic FilterShaker  provides convenient, uninterrupted use. At preset intervals, the Filter Shaker loosens fine particles which would normally clog the filter.

The Integrated on/off function syncs with your electric power tools (up to 2200W) . So if you are using a sander, circular saw, wall chaser, scouring machine or other power tool, you can connect it and you don’t need to turn the vacuum on or off manually once connected. You just operate the power tool’s switch for seamless vacuum cut-off.

This quality construction vacuum features water shut-off to protect the motor during wet pick-up situations.

It also comes with a powerful Electric Blower function

– Capacity: 25L

– 4000 L/min (141.3 CFM)

– Max Suction: 25 kPa (250 mbar, 100.4 inches of water)

– Weight: 12.9kg

– PTFE Air Filter

– Item Number: ADE25


Did you know you can pair this 25 liter wet and dry dust extractor with the Supa Separator?

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Also known Vacuums, Cleaners, Construction Dust Extractors and Concrete Dust Collectors