75L HEPA Industrial Dust Collector

75L Automatic Filter Cleaning Industrial Dust Collector

The ASVAC 6 is a high power vacuum dust extractor for use in fine dust applications such as concrete grinding/polishing, construction sites, woodwork and carpentry industries, industrial workshops and warehouses.

As concrete dust is so fine, industrial vacuum extractors that do not have self cleaning clog up quickly and dramatically reduce work place productivity costing your more in the long run.

This effective dust extractor has been designed to cope with high amounts of fine concrete dust as required in the concrete preparation industry. It has an automatic filter cleaner and HEPA dust filters. This ensures high efficiency cleaning throughout the job and a safe environment in which to work.

The automatic filter cleaning of this industrial dust collector is performed by rotary filters that clean the machine while in operation. This increases productivity on the job and ensures the effectiveness of the machines air filters.

Features of the ASVAC 6 Industrial Dust Collector

– Motor: 3 x 1200 watt motors Total of  3600 W / 4.7 HP

– Airflow: 330 CFM

– Capacity: 75 L

– Weight: 65kg

– Noise: 75db

– Hose: 50mm diameter

– HEPA filter collects dust debris up to 0.3 micron.

– Includes bagholder

Item Number: ASVAC6 CH-600


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