Flash 14″ Universal Segmented Turbo – Paragon


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Flash14″ Universal Segmented Turbo Diamond Blade – Paragon

Be confident that you have affordable reliability with this 14 inch Universal diamond blade from Paragon® Tools.

For use on all materials on a construction site.

The segments are designed to blow dust and slurry from the cut while also cooling the blade. This helps to maintain the blade’s cutting performance for a longer time. The turbo rim gives this blade the edge with its superior cutting speed.

  • Max RPM 5400
  • Bore: 25.4
  • Semi- Silent Vibration Damped
  • Turbo Segmented Rim

This diamond blade is for wet or dry use.

Flash 14″ Universal Segmented Turbo Diamond Blade

Cutting Specifications:

Will CutMost Suitable
Aerated Concrete /  Hebel Block√√√
Asphalt / Bitumen√√√SHORT LIFE
Basalt (Bluestone)√√√
Bricks Calsil (Sand Lime / Calcium Silicate)√√√
Bricks Clay / Hard Clay Pavers√√
Cement Render / Screed√√√
Ceramic Tiles
Concrete: Block / Paver / Brick√√
Concrete Cured Reinforced√√
Concrete Green (Abrasive)√√√SHORT LIFE
Concrete Roof Tile√√√
Engineered Stone√√√
Fiber Cement Sheet (Fibro)√√√
Fire Brick (Refractory Ceramic Brick and Block)√√√
Mortar joints√√√
Steel – Pipes, Lintels, Tube√√
Wall Chasing – Hard Material√√