AusKut Concrete and Asphalt Diamond Blade


These premium diamond blades from AusKut are great for cutting dual purpose concrete and asphalt, plus other abrasive concrete materials like tiles. They deliver a fast cut, giving you efficiency without losing quality of your cut. We have two different sizes of concrete saw blades for sale, so you can pick the diamond blade that’s right for you!

Premium Concrete and Asphalt Diamond Blades from AusKut

  • For use on: Dual purpose concrete and asphalt, and abrasive concrete products (eg. Roof tiles, blocks)
  • Fast cutting
  • Laser welded segments
  • Sizes from 14 to 16 inches.

Choose from:

  • Auskut 14″ Diamond Blade (SP14A)
  • Auskut 16″ Diamond Blade (SP16A)

14", 16", AUS14, AUS16