Unitec Pro Asphalt/Sandstone Diamond Blades – UNITEC


Unitec Pro Asphalt and Sandstone Diamond Blade – UNITEC

For use on: Asphalt, Sandstone, Concrete roof tiles, concrete blocks, and lightweight blocks. (not recommended for hard clay bricks or terracotta)

  • • A blade for use with Bricksaw, Blocksaw and Floorsaws
  • Premium Diamond Blade
  • Sizes from 12 to 18 inches

Choose from:
U-12L20SA1, 12″ 300mm Bore 25.4/20mm RPM-5400
U-14L20SA1, 14″ 350mm Bore 25.4/20mm RPM-4300
U-16L20SA1, 16″ 400mm Bore 25.4/20mm RPM-3800
U-18L20SA1, 18″ 450mm Bore 25.4/20mm RPM-3050


U-12L20SA1, U-14L20SA1, U-16L20SA1, U-18L20SA1