Destroyer Pro Universal- Hard- Abrasive Diamond Blade – UNITEC


These premium Universal Diamond Blades from UNITEC are built for hard and abrasive materials like reinforced concrete. UNITEC Destroyer Pro Saw Blades feature with tungsten carbide inserts, which protect the blade’s segments when you need to cut softer abrasive materials, so your blade will stand the test of time. We have three different diamond saw blades for sale directly through our website – and, you can contact us on 02 6242 8996 if the size you’re looking for isn’t listed.

UNITEC Destroyer Pro Universal Hard / Abrasive Diamond Blade

  • Tungsten carbide inserts to protect segment and steel blank when cutting softer abrasive materials
  • Longer lifespan
  • Premium Diamond Blade
  • Silent Blade
  • Sizes from 5 to 20 inches. We do special orders, contact us if the size you need is not listed.

Choose from:

  • U-12LTS12C, 12” 305mm Core 25.4/20mm RPM-5100
  • U-14LTS12C, 14″ 350mm Bore 25.4/20mm RPM-5400
  • U-16LTS12C, 16″ 400mm Bore 25.4/20mm RPM-4800

12LTS12C, U-14LTS12C, U-16LTS12C